looking for real friends on this forum...pliz send me emails

Hi deniv83 and welcome to!

I think that an introduction would have been welcomed.;)


A gud friend is like a gud bra... hard 2 find- comfortable- supportive- prevents u from falling- holds u tight- and is always close 2 ur heart!

So i feel gravited getting to be your friend

reach me at +256774002049

Hope you don't wear them marquezhouse :P


vov... what u superb explanation for friendship..thanks Marquezhouse.

Yes you are right, friendship means all these.. I would like to be your friend.

man am in china .i wanna be ur friend

Guys i would love to be someone's BRA too.....heheheheh......It will be an honour for me to be your friend....please send me a message and i promise to have lots and lots of FUN....