Looking for Indonesian people in Venezuela

Hi y'all I was living for almost a year in Indonesia until a few months ago, and I will love to meet some Indonesian people who live here to share ideas, experience and language

Halo seamuanya, Nama saya alejandro tapi panggilan udh di atas (aleup1) saya pernah tinggal di Indo hampir satu tahun jadi mau dapat orng Indo yang tinggal skr di Venezuela, kalau ada silahkan coba kontak aku.

Hello ,

as i know the relations between indonesia and Venezuela maybe are strong because the oil producing OPEC basket countries so that mean the business between the 2 countries are strong , as i'm the citizen of country of OPEC i'm free to go any countries of OPEC producers as i applied for visa to Venezuela they gave me 1 year and can be extended to 5 years very nice i love it better than europe they will let me begging for the visa and people are shit their and a lot of immigrants in europe , either in USA they have same problems with visitors a lot of complications .

Ahmed alhouti