Zimbabwean Birth Certificate Help

Hello my name is Michelle, I was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia 1977 - Unfortunately my birth certificate went missing.  I have been trying various means to try get hold of my birth certificate - the zimbabwean embassy does not reply to me and as it is causing me so many problems.  I cannot even apply for a new passport because I have no birth certificate.  Please is there anybody that could help me - I am looking for someone that would be able to obtain the birth certificate and then please send it to me.  Thank you for any help that you might be able to provide x Namaste'

if you still have contacts or family in zim they might be able to get something for you. try to ring the embassy as well, not always helpful but they might be able to do something without costing you an arm and a leg. i will try and ring someone in zim who helped me in the past, its a while ago but i am not promising anything. got here by mistake i am trying to get info on migrating to Kenya having lived here for the last 15

Hie, yes you can get the copy of the birth certificate. I did that for my friends in the UK a while ago. What is needed is your collect name (as per the original doc.), place of birth, birth entry number if you still remember it. Send your details to my email address and will tell you what to do next.

My name is Kenneth, i saw your request. I live and work in South Africa but i frequently go home. You can send me your details i can help you to get the birth certificate. As long as u had it before.

Hi Michelle,

I'm very curious if you managed to get this right...  I have a couple friends who are struggling to get a "Rhodesian" birth certificate....

It was called Rhodesia at time..


Hi there,

I wondered if anybody would be able to help obtain issuance of a duplicate full birth certificate. Unfortunately the London embassy can't help obtain an original copy of the my birth certificate and suggested to get somebody in Zimbabwe to get it for me. 

I am happy to pay for somebody's time, costs and postage to get birth certificate.


My Mom has been trying to get her birth certificate for 40+ years and no luck. Is there a way you can help or let me know who can. She was born in Broken Hill Rhodesia.



I can help  you. Send me your e-mail address on *** then i tell  you what is required.

Thank you

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Hello Kenneth
How much will this costs?

Hie, regrettably at the moment I am unable to assist due to circumstance beyond my control. However, you can email your details to *** and will revert back to you when I am able to assist.

Please note, I do not work in the birth office but rely on friends to assist so it depends on their willingness to assist

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Hi Kenneth,
I wonder if you could help me obtain my unabridged birth certificate from Zimbabwe?  I am currently in South Africa but can not get off work to get it. I need it like in yesterday already.

This is  Patel Mohammad Aadil Farid stay in lesotho I am an Indian Citizen born in Zimbabwe in 24/08/1990
and unfortunately my birth certificate is lost
So could you please guide me on how to get my Duplicate certificate issued


Are you able to still get an unabridged birth certificate from Zim?
My details are:
Name: Russell John Webb
Birth Date: 01 October 1972
Birth Place: Lady Chancellor Hospital, Harare

Regards, Russell

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Hi I was just wanting to know if you were able to get your document your needed? I am also in need of my unabridged birth certificate. I was born at the same hospital in 1971 and am wanting to know if you did get yours how did you get it done?
Thank you so much.

Good Day,

I hope you can assist me. I saw your post that you can possibly assist with a duplicate original copy of a Zimbabwe Birth Certificate? Please advise if you are still able to do so and the cost/times etc I stay in South Africa.

Thank you


Hie, let me get back to you tomorrow morning but in the meantime email:
- full name as it appeared on the old birth certificate
- date of birth
- Place of birth
- Birth entry number if available
- Copy of the old birth certificate if available

Use my private email: ***

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My name is phonthat,  from South Africa and I am looking for help for my friend he is from Zimbabwe .he lost his birth certificate in the fire and now he needs to apply   for a South African Id..his details are
Names; TaWanda kelvin Wadi

Hello my name is Gary and need help getting a replacement birth certificate.. also needs to get certified by foreign affairs.. then certified at Dutch consulate in Harare.

Anyone able to assist.

Only other option would be to travel to Zimbabwe and try arrange this myself.

Did you come right? I need the same help ....don't really know how to go about it.

Hello G. Mahembe

How do we get your personnel e-mail address. I would like to discuss obtaining a marriage certificate from Zimbabwe with you.


I need my birth certificate too
Please email me

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Can you advise me please? I am requiring a copy of my unabridged birth certificate from Harare. I live in Johannesburg.  Many thanks in advance.
Liz Gubler

Hi, I have mislaid my original Birth certificate and need another one, preferably the long one with both my parents named on it, rather urgently, who can help please, thanks

Please can you let me know if you came right  and if so how I desperately need copies of a birth certificate and marriage certificate Thanks

For those who have not managed to come right in getting their lost birth certificates contact Zimerrands on facebook

Where you able to find someone to help, I'm also looking to get mine.


I'm trying to obtain a copy of my birth certificate too. I was born in 1994. Please email me ***

Please help me obtain get a copy of my birth certificate. I was born in 1994 in Harare

Hello, talk to me via private messages I'm in Zimbabwe and I might be able to help you out if the process is not to strenuous.

I am looking to copy of my birth certificate.

I was born in Wankie  Rhodesia in 13/03/1955.   Name is Crystal Ann Engelbrecht,  Father:  Ivan August Engelbrecht.  Mother: Gwendolyn  Engelbrecht.   i subsequently lost my birth certificate in the moves
and would like to obtain a copy  as my son wants to get his passort and needs
my birth certificate. 

Is there anyone out there that can help me please.   I am willing to pay.  No fraudsters please.
Really need help, all telephone numbers just ring or no one answers.


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Please inbox

A guy named George Mahembe has been helping me out, as far as I can tell he has been totally straight forward and honest with me. I am expecting my birth certificate from a courier by the 18th of October. I can keep you informed on the progress if you like, but he seems to be on the up and up.

I was able to look him up on Facebook.

Good luck.

Those still on the journey to getting copies of their Zimbabwean birth certificates, please share your experiences, fears and expectations for the benefit of others

Yes, the birth certificate is mandatory because it contains enough details about the applicant as opposed to an Identity card

Dale Haydon here, born in Salisbury Rhodesia in 1975, my mom an I left to start anew in America two days before my second birthday in September of '77...
I spent literally years trying to get my birth certificate, I used to joke saying "how am I supposed to get my birth certificate from a country that no longer exists"?, well, in the end, I met a really awesome guy from my homeland through a website that I picked on a whim....Mr. George Mahembe, that guy really came through for me...

Anyone who has buisness with Mr. Mahembe can ease their minds. He is totally legit, and delivers what he prominses...

I just wanna say Thanxx Again.

Thank you so much for the compliments and I am happy to have been of help to you sir!

Here are a few tips when looking for a copy birth certificate online:

1) Deal with people who use their real names NOT online names. It is highly unlikely that someone would use their real names to commit a fraud and,

2) ONLY copy birth certificates can be obtained using online service or persons. ALL new birth registrations are ONLY done at the Zimbabwean birth registration offices and,

3) ALL details of ones' birth record (if registered in Zimbabwe) are found on the birth record data base, therefore, if you ONLY provide your full name, date of birth and place of birth, one should be able to provide you with the names of your parents and,

4) At least get a scanned copy emailed to you before the original is couriered to you by a reputable courier such as DHL and others.

Definitely worth the time and money spent, you were a man of your word, a gentleman and a scholar,  thank you so much.

Hello there, my name is Shaun.. I am truly hoping someone can help or offer advice. I am desperately trying to get a copy of my birth certificate. I need it to give my biological son who's been through a lot of trauma a new home in the U.K. I was born in bulawayo and need to find my birth certificate replacement??

NOTICES: Those seeking assistance with obtaining a copy of their birth certificate are encouraged to inbox with contact details that facilitate quicker communication turn-around times to enable further question to be answered promptly. At present the fastest platform is WhatsApp, followed by messenger