Help with getting a long birth certificate

I have been trying to get a long birth certificate for a passport application but attempts to get the Registrar to respond in .zimbabwe have now failed 22 times. The Zimbabwe consulate in the UK say the easiest way tis deal with it is to get someone in Zim to go to the office and get it.  Happy to pay in dollars, rands or in the UK for time and postage. Have the entry number from the abridged certificate so should be pretty easy. If you can help could you email incl cost. Many thanks veronica

Hi Veronique

If didn't come right with the birth certificate issue, i can help.

Thank you

Hi Kenneth
I saw your note to Veroniq.  Are you still helping people acquire copies of their full birth certificates?
I need another copy of mine.  I have a copy of the original unabridged birth certificate.

Hi Kenneth

you helped my niece get her long birth certificate from Zimbabwe, do you still help as I and my sister both need our long birth certificates. If you can help please can you let me know.


Can you help with getting a new birth certificate lost old one but I'm in the uk

Good day, I need my full unabridged birth certificate from Zimbabwe, have my certificate no for my ordinary one, need it for my British passport

Hi Kenneth,

Are you able to help with getting my unabridged birth certificate from Harare? I have a copy of my abridged certificate. I am in Canada

Thank you,