I need a copy of my Rhodesian Birth Certificate

I need help please?

I am living in the UK and need to submit my Rhodesian birth certificate with an application for a Replacement FBR Certificate.

I do not have my original birth certificate; the Zimbabwean Embassy in London cannot help and have advised me to find somebody in Zimbabwe to act on my behalf.

I no longer have family or friends in Zimbabwe as I left in 1965.  I have emailed lawyers in Harare for assistance but have not had a response.

I would be very grateful if anybody could please point me in the right direction.

Many thanks


Hi Carol

When I needed to get a copy of my partners Zimbabwe birth certificate I used someone called George

I got his contact information from this site and all communication with him was through WhatsApp.

If you want to send me a message I can pass his number on to you

Hi Carol.

I also used George, he is a trustworthy guy and very reliable. I got my certificate in days.

Thanks, Keith


HI Carol, i might be able to assist,Please email me on the below email.

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@cpettifar i might be of assistance.Please email me more details on the below email

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Hello godfrey mvura,

Feel free to tell us on the forum itself how you think you can be of assistance.

Thank you,


Expat.com team


Yes, thank you.  I used George and he was amazing!

@Keith Marshall15

Thank you Keith, I contacted George, and in no time at all, I received my birth certificate.  He was amazing!


Hi please can you send me the contact details i need birth certificate apostilled from zimbabwe so urgently




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Hi please send georges details i need apostilled birth certificate



Please let me have George's contact details. I am not on facebook


Pleas could you let ne have George's contact details. I don't use facebook so email or whatsapp?

@MIkezk feel free to message me


didnyounget anyone to help

inalso need help

i am in the uk

i do have entry number

need a 2nd certificate


hi please can I have details of the person who can get a copy of the birth certificate, thanks


Hi Anne

Could you please send me George's contact details.

[link moderated]



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@Keith Marshall15

Hello Keith

I saw this post and I wondered if you would be able to share "George" contact details with me please.

Kind Regards


Hi all,

Could someone possibly pass on the details for 'George'?

Thanks in advance!



I also need "George's" contact details... please send it to me.


Hi Lauren,

How do I get Georges number?

How do we contact George please


Hi Carol

I find myself in a similar predicament. Could you kindly pass me George's details?

Many thanks in advance.



Could someone please help me with obtaining a Birth Certificate from Southern Rhodesia. My wife's Birth Certificate was lost when our daughter applied for a dual passport and we are now having trouble trying to replace it.

Thanks Anthony

@Keith Marshall15 hi Keith i need to get my moms birth certificate as she was born in Rhodesia would this guy still be able to help ?

@laurenmathias17121985Hi i need to get my moms Rhodesian birth certificate too could i please get Georges contact info if he is still helping?


Hi There

did you get a copy  of your birth certificate?  i now need a copy of mine and wonder if you could please offer advice or George's number/email?




I am also needing to get my unabridged birt certificate., I live in France. If George is still the man please can you send me details. I would be most grateful.

Thanks Nicola