Zimbabwean Birth certificate

Hi I was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1971, I'm desperately trying to get hold of a copy of my birth certificate so I can get a passport and travel,
Can anyone help me Please?
Hopefully waiting Marlene McIntyre

Good day,

Did you manage to get hold of the birth certificate?

If not, did you at any time had a Zimbabwean birth certificate and if possible to you by any chance have the date entry numbers?

I have friends in the birth office who might be able to assist for a few

My email is ***, you can get hold of me and we will take it from there

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I  am battling to find anywhere that would be a link to acquiring a Rhodesian birth certicate.
Would anyone be able to help me , I also need to know what the cost will be to quote to the organisation that lost it! I am desperate !
I have all the details,numbers  etc
many thanks

Linda Roberts Schroeder

please advise how may contact

gmahembe       from Harare?  regarding my 'Rhodesian  Birth Certificate

I have the date entry numbers and a copy but desperately need an original copy

Good day, My apologies for late responses. I do not work directly in the birth registration office and I have to rely on friends who work in that office. From mid last-year, my friends in the birth office where unable to help with birth certificates as they were posted to work on the Biometric voter registration project and they are still not back at their work station.

So, I cannot promise anything at this point in time, however, email the copy of the birth certificate you have and I will try my best to assist.


Hullo gmahembe. I would like to get in touch with you re obtaining my Zimbabwean long birth cerificate. I have the original short copy, snd urgently require the long one. Please let me know if you can help, or tell me who I can contact. Kind regards

Good day,
Please note, I do not work in the birth office myself so I rely on friends to help. I cannot promise anything at this point in time BUT may I ask you to email the copy of the abridged birth certificate on ***. They normally charge about US60 to produce a copy of the long birth certificate.

I will then find out if they are able to help and get back to you

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Zimbabwe Birth Certificate. Has anyone managed to come right with getting replacement birth certificates? I need my Dads as all his documents were stolen in a robbery at his house. We only have his birth date. I need a long one that shows his parents names as well. Its required for Visa applications. Thanks

hi this is a long shot but i am desperatly needing a replacement birth certificate for my self i have lost my original birth certificate i as born in Zimbabwe and can't seem to get through to the office as i live in england. thanks

Gmahembe are you still able to get copies of unabridged birth certificates? I need for my sister in law and brother in law.