Help I need a copy of my Rhodesian birth certificate

Please Help,
I am trying to help my ex wife get a copy of her birth certificate, she was born in Rhodesia 1961, she has lived in England since she was 5 years old, can someone please help.. we have tried the Zimbabwean embassy but the phone is constantly engaged..
many thanks.


Did you ask at the hospital where she was born?

Hi Jeanette,

Yes I managed to obtain a birth certificate for my wife with the help of George Mahembe who lives out in Zimbabwe.. for a small fee he was extremely helpful..
Kind Regards

Hi, can you please send me the contact information for the gentleman who helped you out, I really need to get a copy of my birth certificate, my e mail address is


I would be totally grateful. Thank you for your time.

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Hi, my name is Dale A. Haydon, I was born in Rhodesia in September of 75'. I literally spent years trying to my birth certificate without much luck. Finally, on a whim, I joined Expat, and spoke to a guy who put me in touch with another guy named George Mahembe, who lives and works in Harrare, I found him on Facebook,  and he was able to help me out. He was totally honorable in his dealings with me. It took a few weeks and a little money to arrange everything, him checking out a few things, ect, ect....but in the end he made it happen. I trusted a stranger halfway around the world, and I actually got what I paid for. He is on the level.

I also need a copy of my birth certificate. Please could you let me know which George Mahembe it is on Facebook, there are a few. Thanks so much!

I have also used George to get my boyfriends Zimbabwe birth certificate and I would highly recommend him.
He kept in contact with me during the whole process and was very helpful throughout with answering all of my questions
Please feel free to message me for any other info.

good evening,  I too was born at the Lady Chancellor in salisbury and would love to get a copy of my birth certficate. Can you let me know how George can be contacted?


Good day

I have looked at these previous posts, I too need to get my birth certificate as I was born in Rhodesia.  Can anyone help?

@Al Sparks Please can you give me the contact details of the person who helped you in Zimbabwe obtain a birth certificate. I need a certificate of registration of my father who was born in Rhodesia in 1931 and need to find out if he was registered as British, are you able to assist me, thanks, Ashleigh 

@rocker4life75 Can you assist me with the details of the person in Zimbabwe who assisted you with your birth certificate? My father was born there in 1931 and need a Certificate of Regusteation, thanks, Ashleigh 

@ashcal  did you get any responses

@Al Sparks Hi, can you please send me the details for George Mahembe? 

@Al Sparks  Hi there was just wondering which  George Mahembe. There are so many

Please assist with which George Mahembe it is that helped you as my dad was born in Rhodesia and we have lost his birth certificate and urgently need help
@corrinecampbell  Hi Corrine, my name is Sandra Lyons and I am a British Citizen living in London. My Half Brother was born in Rhodesia in 1958 and he died unexpectedly on Tuesday. I desperately need a copy of his Birth Certificate, I have read a lot about George Mahembe on this post and wondered if you had any luck locating him. I have looked on Facebook but there are loads of people with that name? I would appreciate any advice you can give me.
Many thanks
Hi. Has anybody had luck finding George Mahembe on Facebook or any other contact details? Would really appreciate it.
Just to give an update. I was given George's contact details and he has sorted out a birth certificate for me. From enquiry to having the birth cert in my hands in the UK was 6 days flat. Amazing service and George was very professional, answered queries very quickly, and kept me updated on the tracking, even though he had already given me a tracking number for delivery.

Can't thank him enough.


Good Morning.

I am in urgent need of my birth certificate from Zimbabwe. Born in 1978.

Can someone please help me with George Mahembe's contact details.

My mail is: [link moderated]

Many thanks

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Hi Keith

In response to your post, I don't know George Mahembe, however, if you have a Zim ID# found on the metal ID card. I have some who has recently helped 3 people I know. I live in Washington DC, and will be happy to connect you with the right person.

Take care!

Good evening,

I am urgently needing a copy of my partners birth certificate, he was born in Salisbury in 1975. We are due to get married in 12 weeks and we cannot find his certificate anywhere. Can someone please give me George Mahembe's details

many thanks

@Nealieboyee can you send me George's contact please?

@Nealieboyee hi there🌻Hope You are so great! Would You mind sending George's contact details to me please? I would greatly appreciate it🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

@Nealieboyee hello there. Are you still looking for a person who can help you to obtain your Rhodesian birth cert? If so. Please respond.  Thanks.

@tsimclure Hi there. I've already been helped by George. Thanks

@Al Sparks

Hi there, I also need a copy of my b/c coz the old one issued 50 years ago is now torn hence the need for a new one.

I would be grateful if you could send me contact details for George Kahembe to my email address:

[link moderated]

Kind regards

Hello Icon Linj,

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Kindly note that @Al Sparks is  no longer active.

I suggest that you do a quick google search. You might find the contact details of George Mahembe.


Yoginee, team

I am so in need of help obtaining a Rhodesian birth certificate for an individual born between 1937 and 1946 whose mother's name is known, but not her father.

Where are these records held? Anyone who has worked with an onsite there and would be willing to provide contact information, please reach out.

hi all ,

please could anyone pass me the contact of george mahembe ,

has anyone used the company clearance central for these kind of documents in harare , any comments about them ? ,

rgds marc

Hello Marc,

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Kindly read my post #27

I suggest that you do a quick google search. You might find the contact details of George Mahembe.


Yoginee team

@laurenmathias17121985 Hello Laure - please can you send me George's details as i need to obtain a copy of mine too! many thanks Kate

@laurenmathias17121985, Hello Laure please can you also send me George's details as I need to obtain a birth certificate. Thank you

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Cheryl team

hi, please could someone send me the contact details for George, I need to try get my mother birth certificate

Hello garthcamp,

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You can do a small google search and you will fin the contact details of George Mahembe1f609.svg

All the best,

Yoginee team

@Nealieboyee hi would you be so kind as to give me his contact details .

Thanks I have contacted him and he is on it. Holding thumbs . I have had no luck for the last 10years so am really ready to scream, but he seems quite confident and very professional so I am hopeful. Thanks for your reply.

@rocker4life75 hi I can't find him on Facebook could you help me please xx

@laurenmathias17121985 could you help me contact this man please

@Sharon Revell Hi Sharon

George is absolutely fantastic and very quick.

His email is ***

Good luck.

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