Job offer from Nigeria / Lagos - Midcom Group


I got an offer from Midcom Group Nigeria.

Please find below address for Nigeria

No 54,Adeniyi jones
Beside Zenith Bank , Opposite 01 Shawarma,
Ikeja, Lagos

Do you have anyone who knows about this company?


Yes it is a Telecoms company in the middle east and Africa .. I think you can go for it, you are safe.

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hi shawlar

thank you for your posting ...


Did they ask money upfront for processing your visa papers?

hkkhan :


Did they ask money upfront for processing your visa papers?

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I know this company very well they are dealing in samsung even i know its office and few of my freinds are working with the sister concern of midcom group.

what exactly you want to know feel free to mail me on ***



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I got offer from stallion group of company and platinum corporation[at] nigeria
And the offer is 1000 $ + 90000 niera bachelor accommodation car Utility bills
Visa air ticket from company and return ticket after two year to home

Please tell me about offer ?
Accept / decline ?

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