Salary & hardship allowance in Lagos, details required


I have been thinking of taking up a job offer to move to Lagos, Nigeria, i would need the following details to do so ...

I would make the move with my wife & 2 kids, kids are 5 yrs old, the job covers up & down passage, accommodation, electricity & water charges paid, car with driver, security, medical insurance etc. I would like to know if a salary of USD 6k is a good salary for a head position or is it too less? also note i have been informed that a Hardship allowance will be paid at 1k USD per month for the local expenses, would this be enough for a family of 4 to survive there?

Please do feel free to revert back on any details you think would be of help to me

Thank you

Does the company pay your taxes and will they also pay for schooling of your kids ?

Salaries can and do differ between industries - so that is a more difficult question to answer

Oil and Gas industry tends to pay higher than many others - possibly low for that industry ?

The allowance will not be enough to survive (not on its own) - but again this is difficult to answer because people's spending and eating habits differ greatly

I take it you mean $6k per month? That should work if the company in question also agrees to pay the tuition for your kids,quality education in Lagos DOES NOT COME CHEAP. Again you didn't say if the 6k was before or after tax, if it is before, upward renegotiating  is necessary.Good luck

Hello, I think if you don't spend frivolously you should be ok as by Nigerian standards that is a lot of money. You just ask where exactly you will be living and what arrangements will be made for the childrens schooling. Also try to not be out late at night. Its not the best specially around Christmas. You know one has to be cautious wherever one is these days. Hope that helps you a little bit.


As other people mentioned 6K is an below average salary for a head position.Since you are with a family of 4 the local salary of 1k is not enough to survive a month since all the things specially food items are very expensive here ......also most of the company takes care of the the kids education in American school etC etc... please try to negotiate for the local salary & Kids schooling.

I WOULD SAY, you shouldn

it all depend on your standard living and the standard of your children education.... you can get a good primary school for &1,500 per term in lagos and you can also get a 3 bed room flat or 5 bed room duplex for $10,000 per all depend in location and your quality but i believe that $6k is not bad but you can negotiate to $7k which is (#1.2m)......i believe that 7k is good for you......i wish you best of luck in are free to contact me if you need my assistant or advice about Nigeria. Cheers.

I want to know that 150000 naira for local allowance is sufficient for only food after having accomodation and transportation for single status. Tell me also 1700 USD is good salary per month for Lagos location which will credited in my Indian account.plz reply.what other type expenses I have after this

Hi Akash
As you have already mentioned that you will be having a split salary,  one in naira and other in India which is in 90% cases the standard procedure in companies having indian expats.
150000 naira for a single person is good enough for stay in Lagos.  Although it will not be a lavish lifestyle but a good lifestyle.  You may even end up saving at the end of the month if you balance properly.  Apart from food the other minor expenses would be all personal ones like entertainment or alcohol etc.  No other major expense.  Provided your company is paying for electricity and also fuel for the car and generator.
1700 usd is something between you and your company and cannot be debated as good or bad salary. It's all about how have you negotited with the company and the kind of job profile you will be handling in Nigeria.  But still it's all personal.

this is the perfect answer for the above situation of salary, expenses and work.. it all depend upon your life style and spending culture.  am also in the same kind of salary structure and am working for the last 8 years around west African countries like Lagos, Abuja in Nigeria , Ghana and Senegal also
if you wish to hear in detailed information pls. ping on the personal chat ..


Hello sir I need your help in knowing the environment of amowo odofin area of Lagos where I am going to stay near to festival mall for robbery,kidnapings,snatchings etc for this location.please reply sir

Inside the Lagos city there is no much about the robbery, kidnappings, snatching etc.. but it use to happen some times at the nights ... how you are there based on that everything will come to you.

Will I be safe there if I not moving outside in factory location is kirikiri industrial area and accommodation is in back of festival mall amuwo durbar road amuwo near to golden tulip I will tackle with the situation in day.what necessary precautions to take to stay safe there by me

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