Can anyone give me feedback on the Eko Hotel, good company, etc.....

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Can you please introduce yourself and give more details on what you are looking to know about this company? :)

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Is it a good company to work for? What reputation do they have? I believe it is owned and managed by Lebanese businessmen

Well, the hotel has been in business for over 12 years now. Whether they are a good company depends on what good you are referring to. Do you mean good as in good salary? As for reputation, I have not heard anything bad about them.

I hope that this helps.

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Eko hotel is a vey vast erea defferenc activities,suit it dipend on your choice you won't to vote for if am a hellp. better you to suply.
More information exactly what you is't for lodging ,hall ent fo semine,for paty e.t.c

Eko hotel is good.

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