Job in Lagos - anybody can tell me more about 'Keydril Nig Ltd'?

Hi Friends,
I am offered in Nigeria for a company called "Keydril Nig Ltd". Good salary & accommodation. Pls let me know about the Company and they are asking to contact local agent for processing the papers? Your  comments please.

hkkhan :

Hi Friends,
I am offered in Nigeria for a company called "Keydril Nig Ltd". Good salary & accommodation. Pls let me know about the Company and they are asking to contact local agent for processing the papers? Your  comments please.

I suggest that you do a Google search as it seems there are scams associated with this company. The company state this on their website.
Did you apply for a job with them or did the agent approach you. If he did then where did he get your CV from.

If the agent asks for visas fees or fees of any kind then it is a scam.

Once you have the contact details for the company then email them regarding the offer.

Yes I applied on the oil and gas job site and they picked up the CV from there.

Please see below the response from Travel Agency whom I have been asked to contact for visa processing in Lagos for the job offered, please comment

Good Day

We write to inform you that we have been mandated by your employer (Keydril Nigeria Limited) to act on your behalf here in Nigeria as your local representative for the fulfillment of your 1 year contract with your Employers (Keydril Nigeria Limited) here in Nigeria. You shall therefore be required to provide us with the following as to enable us start up the processing of your traveling document and other necessary papers needed to facilitate your journey to resume work here in Nigeria.

Find below the requirements for this processing;

I) Letter of authority, duly signed stating that Titan Travel Agency Limited; and their authorized representatives have been given the authority to receive documents on your behalf as well as act as local representatives for purposes of Liaison requiring the activities of a representative. (Soft Copy Email Attachment)
II) An International passport or passport photograph of you and your wife, kid if you will be coming to Nigeria with your family. (Soft Copy Email Attachment)
III) Adequate contact information / address suitable for receiving Courier (not P.O. Box), as documents will be sent to you via DHL (this may be sent via email).
IV) You are required to send along side an application fee of Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($350USD).


You are to make payment via the Western Union Money Transfer Services OR MONEY GRAM TRANSFER SERVICES c/o BIRA ELUME -(ACCOUNTS DIRECTOR); and upon successful money transfer forward to us via e-mail; the necessary transaction details for confirmation of remittance which comprises of;

NAME OF SENDER: (As specifically entered at the point of transaction)
TEXT QUESTION: (This should be entered as NUMBER?)
ANSWER: (This should be entered as 123456)
MTCN: (Money Transfer Control Number)


As soon as you provide us with the above listed information, we will start up the signing and processing of your necessary documents to enable you meet up with your required date of resumption.


There is no mention of reimbursment of the $350 application fee. This type of scam only asks for a small amount of money and so does not seem suspicious, but if they get 10 people to send them money then that is a lot.

As I suggested, contact keydril about this. Website is Their website states that there are employment scams using their name.

Thank you for the response.

Yes I sent an email to their web site email address and they confirmed it is genuine but is not sending lane line number of the Company when I asked. Taking upfront money for processing visa is creating suspicion.

Is there any chance that people have created even dubious web site and making a great game out of it or this Company really exist and some of their employee using it for a scam?

Stumpy where are your location? If in Lagos, can you confirm the Company existence? Ms Keydril Nigeria Ltd.

I am in Asia so cannot help you any further.

Hello OP,

Their address is Keydril Nigeria Limited

10 Waziri Ibrahim,

Victoria Island,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +234 (8) -2552856

I have had someone confirm this today. Please reach them on that number too before paying any money.

Thank you very much for the response, I dial this a number of time but message is " this number is not correct, please check your number".

I received a similar proposal last year to work at Sea Petroleum Co., which I was requested to transfer US$ 400.00 to a Travel Agency for visa costs, so I talked to my lawyer and I have worked also in companies with expats, si I know how does it works, so I refused and discard the job.
Finally I worked until April 2015 in Kitwe-Zambia, quite fruitful experience until I was deported for work papers by Immigration and after one night at Kamfinsa.
Take care and good luck!!!

Thank you very much, therefore what you are suggesting is that I should not send money for papers processing.

Is not usual this kind of requisitions by Companies who requires expats. It's just my point of view.
Good luck

I just stumbled on this thread today, I hope my reply isn't too late, back to the topic...IT IS A SCAM!, reputable companies that needs expat to work from them won't demand any money, they need you to work for them and then pay you in return not the other way round of you paying a company or its agent.

MAJOR SCAM.  I was also nearly caught out the same way a couple of years ago.
Any company that employs expats will need you to apply for your visa in your country of residence. They will forward to you all necessary documents that you will need as part of your visa application.

Confirmed SCAM

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