Temporary Resdidencia - first steps!

They only hold you until the return flight if you can't pay for the ticket change....~$200

you might find out why they refuse you... by asking

NO idea honey.  No one can make that decision except you.   No one knows what may or may not happen.

Bmccarthy1034 :

Hi again.
I've been reading the posts both here and on Facebook.
I was denied entry and sent back in September.
I just bought a round trip ticket to PUJ for Friday.
I also have a reservation for a resort in Punta Cana.
My ticket is for 6 days.
After reading in this forum, I'm now concerned that I may again be denied and this time, detained in jail until my return flight the following Thursday.
Should I try it anyway, or just forget about it and write the lost money off as a lesson?

Wrong thread subject but to answer:

For sure there is going to be something on your file once the immigration officer swipes your passport on arrival. You have a record on file which is unlikely to get deleted but can be improved by future legal stays.

It would therefore be wise to seek prior authorization because they might think you would overstay again.

The foreign travel advice given by the Canadian authorities suggest you perhaps should obtain a visa for this visit:

If you overstay the period for which you have been authorized to stay, you will have to pay fine to immigration authorities when leaving the country.  You may also need to apply for a visa the next time you wish to return to the Dominican Republic. Local authorities may deny you entry if you don’t have the proper visa.

I would suggest that another option is that you could post your question on the DGM forum. They are the people that decide all matters immigration after all:

https://foro.migracion.gob.do/forums/fo … tranjeria/

This could become a recurring question if the numbers of denied entry for previous keep increasing.

Thank you for the reply.  I'm thinking I may just eat the ticket and consider it a learning experience.

It doesn't cost to write an e-mail to your local DR consulate or even call them to seek advice. Equally a question online as suggested. All less than losing your flight cost.

And presumably you want to visit DR again and get the record straightened?

I just received my 60 day resident visa from the Dominican Consulate in Miami. Now I'm heading to Santo Domingo to file the application for residency in DR. Any recommendations on how to expedite the local process there? Should I use a lawyer? Any recommendations for honest and efficient lawyers? Thanks 😊

Welcome to the forums!  I do recommend you use a lawyer, it will both speed things up and make things far less frustrating! 

I recommend Lishali Baez Mejia. She speaks English very well and is on top of her game. She can be reached on whatsapp and phone at  1-809-860-1231

There are a few of us who have used her services and recommend her. 

Good luck and please keep us posted!

As far as I am concerned, I did it all alone. I you do speak Spanish good enough, it is not necessary to use a lawyer.

First of all, applications must be uploaded to the DGM website.

1 - Got to https://www.migracion.gob.do/Menu/Index/18
2 - Chose Residencia Temporal => "Solicitar en linea"
3 - Create yourself a login
4 - Upload all the documents needed in JPEG FORMAT (photo)
5 - Wait until they check your documents
6 - If not complete, or any document is not valid, you will be notified through the system.
7 - If all is ok , you will be given an appointment at the DGM.
8 - Get there with all your original documents and your passport.
9 - Cost is 14,500 DOP

While some can do it themselves, many cannot.  To those who do, good for you!  To those who don't,  that's okay too! 

Do what works for you.

doing it alone might lead to problems...IMO

Lawyers work at DGM every day - they know people who can unscramble a problem.

I had a few on my application.... lost files twice !!
when the boss found out about that - I went VIP !!

Fast acceptance - and a shortcut

WillieWeb :

Fast acceptance - and a shortcut


How long did it last from from the day your application was submitted to the day you received your Cédula ?

Actually, I was referencing my citizenship application,
pointing out the infernal, internal fumbling that can happen at DGM - regularly !!

Sorry - can't help w/ your question

The days are gone when lawyers can pay someone to speed things up or put you on the top of the pile. That went away with the electronic filing of documents.

However,  lawyers know how the documents need to be done and what the potential pitfalls are.   Don't get me wrong, as a standard I do not like lawyers here!  Most are unprofessional and do not do what they say they will do. 

That being said, this is a time when it pays to have a good one.  To do it yourself you need to  carefully research what is needed,  understand spanish and speak it well AND understand the processes here and how thing can go sideways!   

So those who can,  do it yourself.  Those who can't or don't want to,  use a lawyer.  Several here are recommended!

Not to get off residency topic too much....Does anyone know if you can bring pets over (with proper documents needed) before we actually have Residency? We were thinking we may rent a place while waiting for Residency.

Certainly you can.... in the normal manner, as any visitor does


Guineo Verde08 - Thank you very much for taking the time to post this.

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