Temporary Resdidencia - first steps!

If the forum permits it, and your lawyer friend is willing, you may consider posting his contact details for the others here who are going to go through the process.

Lord knows it's difficult to find someone who can be trusted.

I will ask her this week when I see her. She is in Bani which is about 40min to the west of Santo Domingo.

What is the advantage, or disadvantage od getting dual citizenship vs. residencia?

Good to hear!  I am a bit confused, you getting residency first correct?  It's needed before citizenship.

With both parents from the DR, and owning a home there It is slightly different for me.

It's very different for you honey. Congrats you have the right to citizenship!  Woooo hooo.

Keep us posted on your progress.  Are you moving here or going back and forth?

Citizenship requires no renewals - ever

That was the attraction for me....
even the Definitiva (10 yr Residency) needs renewing

as I get older, I dislike the multiple trips to SD more each year
and the number of trips seem to increase!!!

Thanks, although it sounds like Residencia is the first step for us gringos.

Yes residencia is your first step!

Yes -- you need to have 2 yrs of residency before you can apply for citizenship

My wife and I are in the process of gathering all the required documents for the residence visa and submit to Dominican consulate here in Toronto.

Question: we have purchased a villa over 200K, in Punta Cana can we apply as Investors?

That should work for you!  I do not know what documentation will be required but that should work.

Your lawyer should be able to advise you,  don't have one?  I recommend Lily at  1-809-860-1231  She is on whatsapp as well.

thank you, I'll contact Lily today.

As long as you have closed the deal, prior to starting Residencia. Your lawyer will want the Title in hand for the process. And getting the Title for your property can sometimes be a hassle in itself.

Thank you, good to know

I just had this conversation with Lily.. about my friend.

The Investor category is for investments that can demonstrate it is for the development of the Dominican Republic

So - a house purchase might not cut it -- in fact won't
I tried it w/ her for my friend after reading Planner et al above

Nope ! doesn't fly..sorry to report

I thought if I was misled, others might be.

Home ownership is NOT a qualifying investment

Thank you, I thought that was the case.
A dominican lawyer game me the  information of the property and I had my doubts.
My request will be as retirees.

Thank you again

Lily is fabulous.  She was recommended to us by "Planner".  We have been working with her for the last few months preparing for our interview and medical exam in the capitol.

Thanks for this update.  Wha if your house purchase is for "rental" or air bnb??!

Real estate used to qualify.  This is an interesting development.

Talk to Lily....that might work....
but it's just a promise.... how do you prove actual rental... aiding the country ??

Yes, Tracy... I have been using her for years .. back to when she was training at Guzman, Ariza... she is now independent - as you know
I think I gave Planner her name....

Very nice girl and excellent English/Spanish

Yes you did recommend her to me Willie. She is excellent.  She does more then residencia as well.  She is now doing a prenuptial agreement for a.client of mine! 

What I love about her is she will tell you  the truth and what is probable!  She will tell you realistic timelines!

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