Temporary Resdidencia - first steps!

Did you first do your residency already married?   That may make a difference.  Best advice is to message Lishali and ask her how to deal with this.


Those who overstay their visa are only asked to pay an exit fee.

I'm applying as a rentier or rentista. Do I need a guarantor letter from a Dominican Resident when I do my application online withe Immigration Office once I'm in DR?

Yes i have the same question. I found on this website (https://pgr.gob.do/servicios/) that I can pay for the legalization but I cannot see where I get them translated. Also I have my birth certificate and other documents translated in Canada, do I need to have them translated again here or only legalized?

Thank you

They all need to be translated and.legalized before you apply for the visa in the consolate in Canada.

Yes I have everything translated and notarized in Canada. I saw on the immigration website they need them also so I was wondering if I will have to legalize them here through their internal service?

The documents need to be legalized at the DR consulate in Canada.  Also, it's easier and less chance of refusal if you let the embassy\consulate do the translating and legalizing.  It may cost a bit more but in the end its worth it.  Also, you may want to have more than one original document because they will keep some of your originals.

So the same.doce.ts you use for stage one in Canada are given back to you for deposit here in the Dominican republic!

Yes Planner, you are correct but when you deposit in the DR, they keep your original documents, so when you leave Canada, you may want to get an additional set of those documents for use later on.  Especially if you are not going to return to Canada anytime soon.  Birth Certificate for example.  I believe they also keep the police report, medical documents, marriage certificate, letters and financial info.  Driver's license, passport are obviously returned.

Meleger :

I'm applying as a rentier or rentista. Do I need a guarantor letter from a Dominican Resident when I do my application online withe Immigration Office once I'm in DR?

Thank you Planner and DominicanaMike for the info. I'm still unsure about the guarantor letter.. do I need it once I enter DR?

Wow ok, so they keep my birth certificate in DR.. I can't just easily get another copy. That is bizarre. There is no way to get my copies back? I'm with 3 kids so I will have to make a request and pay in Ontario for 4 more birth certificate?? Doesn't make much sense.

Honey rarely do things here actually make sense.  Sorry!

I'm still wondering if i do need the guarantor letter from a local resident in DR when applying for the rentista type residency wth immigration here. thanks

I believe so.  You should ask your.lawyer to confirm

I assumed once I gave the consulate my birth certificate in the states I would not need it again however after reading some posts here it looks like I will need to give it to both the consulate in states and upload it along with some other documents. But since it is election it looks like I will have time to request a 2nd copy of my docs since I'm reading it's been taking months to get visa approved. I still have one doc I am waiting on before sending everything but getting excited because finally going to happen soon.

Great idea to have more then one - you will need it.  Good luck and keep us posted.

I will keep you posted. Shouldn't be long.

Can you give the details of how to do the retirement special residencia please ?

I have applied as a retiree. This was the info I received from the New Orleans consulate which is where I got my VISA
1) Visa Aplication Form filled and correctly typed by hand in block letters. Form found in web page WWW.MIREX.GOB.DO or at a consular office.
2) Letter of Aplication (not notarized) Addressed to the Consul, in Spanish, which includes the Name, Nationality, place of residence, occupation,  personal economic means, and purpose  of the trip to the country. This document must be signed by you.
3) 1 Passport Photo on white Background
4) Original Passport Valid for a minimum of 1 year.
5) Criminal Background Report from the FBI, must be Apostille.
6) Medical certificate stating that applicant has no contagious diseases.
7) Dominican Republic previous visas or from other country’s if any, valid or expired.
8) Letter of certification from government office, or private institution of the country of origin, where your work was done, translated into Spanish,  by the Dominican Consulate, apostilled by the Secretary of State of where  the certificate originated. If the translation is not done by the Consulate, the translation must be Apostilled as well. The certificate must include all information regarding the petitioner, time that was employed, occupation or title, and the amount received as pension.
9)Documents showing the applicant's financial solvency. All documents must be issued for the applicant. These documents may include as applicable:
a) Last 3 bank statements: updated with details of the account balance, and showing the pension deposits.
b) Copies of certificates of titles of property
c) Copy of the last tax return
10)The minimum amount, to qualify for a pensioner permanent resident visa, is US$ 1,500.00 Dollars per month.
All the documents most the translated to Spanish, the cost for translations is US$70.00 per documents (up to two pages) at the Consulate.

Cost for the Visa Application US$240.0

Great response!  Thank you for that!

Does someone have the detailed list if you apply as an investor? That's great info.

There are 4 types of residency through investment and the requirements can be found on the Immigration (DGM) website but in Spanish which you can translate online, right click with google on document and select translate:



To obtain your residency visa the requirements will be essentially the same if you compare the 'pensionada' requirements above and posted.

Wow sounds like quite the process.. thank you for the information

I did not have #8 apostilled and it was not a problem.  Also forgot that you must have birth certificate apostilled as well as marriage license if married.

If you are on the north coast you should take up the opportunity to meet with a residency lawyer next week as planners thread below - last post on 23rd January.

That meet up is tentatively scheduled for Feb 8 I will confirm this week.

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