Europe must help Ukraine so that it could reach the level of leading..

Europe must help Ukraine so that it could reach the level of leading EU countries.
Ye, here in Ukraine we are fully aware of our economic weakness and that we need help badly. And I think we are doing rightly when we expect aid from the EU which is near Ukraine geographically where many educated Ukrainian immigrants go in search of work. Actually the very idea of EU integration for Ukraine we owe to Brussels! They spent hell of money on Euromaidan and now it's not the time to stop donations. We need investments, cheap loans and transfer of modern know-how.
Matter of fact Ukraine don't want to become sort of burden for the EU but rather a strong economy able to match Germany and France, the present EU engines! We want our agriculture production match EU standards and stay competitive on European markets!
And when we see that Brussels is reluctant to help us we see it as highly suspicious! Perhaps EU is set to make Ukraine absolute bankrupt and have it wholly into EU possession, the resources and prolific land to be exploited to EU benefit!

Can you tell us why Ukraine is in the condition it is in now?
I mean there must be a reason why the place is incapable of getting on its own feet.
Tell us about work ethics in the Ukraine?
Does your country pay its gas bills?
And are you able to explain why the majority of the country's assets have regularly been siphoned by the ruling oligarchs? That also includes the current people in power and many others in the past. According to reports, Poroshenko's wealth only one year ago was estimated at $600 million. After the 2014 Kiev coup d'etat in Maidan, where a different oligarch thug Yanukovich was ousted, the Poroshenko wealth suddenly leaped to $1.3 billion.
So you think that Western Europeans should support this sort of corruption?
The fact is that the new undemocratic regime in Kiev has allowed itself to become a pawn in the cold war between the US and Russia. They are clearly doing the bidding of the US, as are the fools in the EU.

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