Coffee shop Saigon - help with formalities to register

Hi Guys!

I am contemplating on moving to Saigon in August 2014. I have started the search to lease a small shop to convert into a coffee bar in district 1 or 2. As yet I have only searched through some real estates in this area. I understand through their correspondence, that there are certain legalities of which I am unaccustomed.

I have been to Saigon many times and have yet to meet a English speaking solicitor or a business accountant that could help me set up, to what I understand ,a registered company.

I also understand that I am a foreigner of whom it could be quite difficult to navigate without comprehensive detail as to what I am up againsed.

Should anyone know, or guide me to a company that deals in this field of business, would be a great help.
Cheers Ian.


I think I can help you for free. I have enough close relationships to help you as well. But I am not sure I will be free in august. That's the problem.

I think just thinking of what to do at first.


Do what you have to do first! I still have your original message.
Thank you, keep in contact!
Regards Ian. :idontagree:

I think you should check this expert opinion before start. … ign=buffer

You still need to help right?...I know a good supplier coffee and coffee machine. You can check this link:

Isn't the coffee shop biz saturated in VN? Sounds like a dooming operation if you can't differentiate yourself from the competition