Saigon mail system?

Hi guys,

I have not received some important letters at my District 11 address, as of late.  I would really like to get to the bottom of it, but I am NOT too sure where to begin:  does the Saigon mail system starts with the postman, then the district, and ends with the city postal service?  Where is the Saigon main post office at?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wild_1,

Saigon mail system starts with the main post office at Central Post office located at No.2. Cong Xa Paris, District 1. From there they will distribute to each main post office in each district and then to the postman.

Don't waste your time going to Saigon main post office because they will send you back to the main post office where you are living. Why did happen? When they receive the letter or mail, 1st thing can happen that the person who sent you the letter had some mistake on their writing with complicate address here or the postman is a new staff that can't find your address. So hopefully you are in this case you can go to the post office where are you living to provide for them the sender name, address, country and same either receiver. It will be a little difficult for them if your friend didn't register the letter but needless to say you need to show them how much important those letters to you. 2nd thing you will never see your letters if somehow they lost it!
Maybe go with a local friend will be a good help in this case!

Loan Tran

Big Brother is watching you, bro!


Thanks for the briefing on the HCMC mail system.  I just had a couple of letters from the US Embassy to District 11 missing, and I am determined to get to the bottom of it.  To me, this is the 21st century, 19th century thinking and tactic won't work.

Thanks, again.

The great wonder that is the Post Office is unreliable. They prefer to deliver to older addresses, even more so to business addresses.

In fact VNPT knows the Post Office reputation, they have a telephone number where you can order additional copies of your telephone or InterNet accounts.

VNPT is owned by the P.O.

Hi Howie,

Did you work it out for the lost letters or get them yet?

I lost chocolates and post cards 2 years ago, too. Just had no idea where and how they were gone.



Had some important medicine missing. Called the post office to yell at them that I was dying if I didn't get it and they finally helped. Nice people.