Marriage in Vietnam, financial implications

A us citizen friend considers asking his gf for marriage. Does a Vietnamese marriage entitle his spouse to half his current assets if there is a divorce? Is there palimony laws here? What about future income, assets not yet aquired? Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched with no luck. … -4828.html

colinoscapee :

This is sort of a "half" answer ... and worse, the question does not specifically point to where the "assets" are located.

1) A Judge has 0 jurisdiction outside of their respective court jurisdiction. A judge in VN can not make a ruling ( well, they can, but can't actually enforce it ) on assets in the US. The same goes for a Judge in the US can not and will not make a ruling on assets located in VN.

Where the "assets/money/bank accounts" are located is a very big "key" factor....

My advice to any foreigner is to NEVER keep the bulk of your assets in VN as there is no such thing as protection to foreigners. There have been countless cases of rulings that generally are unimaginable to foreigners in civil cases in VN. Westerners are always going to be seen as "walking wallets" in VN both in society and judicially.

keep in mind, the location of where the initial divorce case is filed first DOES matter ... as well as the residency status of the spouse at the time of filing ....

2) Alimony & Child support are identical to US law... albeit impossible to enforce across borders. Repeat: A VN judge has 0 authority to seize assets outside of VN, nor is US or VN going to comply with any judicial request aside from capital crime cases between the two nations. In terms of a child being included, it is NOT in the best interest of the father to hold divorce proceedings in the US .... The US is insanely strict on Paternal Responsibility .... Drivers License Revocation, Jail time, & Passport revocation are COMMON punishments for failing to fulfill child support orders.

Fair Warning: Residency Laws ( Green Card holders ) changed recently in the US... For those people believing that they can get married to a US citizen, and divorced within a few years and keep their Residency status in the US are up for a very shocking wake up call .... ( this was an attempt at combating Fake Marriages, but ended helping combat "passport Hunters" better than anyone could have imagined ).

G’day bIa Ria,

Depends where the assets are....and where you actually got married.

If your assets are in the US , and you’ve married here in VN and choose to stay here ,,your assets would be safe.   If the marriage doesn’t work out, just pull the pin, file a divorce notice & hit the bricks. 😆

But if you start “ nesting” spending money on houses, businesses etc’s money you won’t see again.     I know of several guys talking about their 50% stake, and waiting , and waiting .   

50% of a house that won’t sell is ZERO.   If the lady & her family don’t like you anymore...the chances of getting a sale are slim.  They simply wait for you to die, or leave VN out of frustration.    All they do is get into the ear of any potential buyer & it’s difficult to sell.

So forget the “legalities”.   Your in a country where Rule of Law isn’t heard of.

A mate here married a “stunner” .....,built a nice house ( her name obviously) and she’s simply disappeared.   A few of her family members have moved into HER house and his life is no longer the “love nest” he envisaged.       He’s hitting the bottle....and soon he’ll hit the road out of here.   

It’s all about the Carrot & the Stick.     Once the donkey gets the carrot , that’s the end of the ride. 

Keep your money stateside & just give the occasional impression you’ll swing some this way.    Keeps them on their toes🤓

Always remember:
A fool and his money are always easily parted.

Another good reason to keep your US bank account, use ATMs, and rent here.

Wait, he wasn't thinking about moving her to the states after marriage? Then you know the answer: prepare to lawyer-up.

You're all right about keeping stuff abroad but I'd like to point out, I don't know if it's the same in the US and Vietnam, but in Canada the spouse only has the right to 50% of assets *after* the date of marriage. Your assets before getting married are totally safe. Of course you never want to enter marriage with lots of suspicion but generally speaking it's very easy to keep it safe for a few years after getting married just by renting instead of buying and a few similar careful moves. A lawyer once told me it used to be *all assets* many years ago but then it did not legally make sense as older exes would fight new exes in court over part of the assets.

Yogi says you can have your cake & eat it too.🤓

If your worried about putting too much $$ on the line to secure a relationship you need to develop a game plan.

Friends with benefits,  a dog & the occasional hooker is all that’s required.

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You don’t even need to own a dog.

I’ve been walking people’s dogs ever since I got here.    It’s a great pastime.   Just get a collar & lead, a bag of dog pellets & a small bottle of water & off you go.

The owners don’t mind, just assure them your not going to eat the bloody thing & alls good.

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I would assume that there are some seedy, sleazy corrupt minded individuals out there that may think Yogi has an agenda with the above activity.

Yogi would like to add that soliciting an innocent animal to act as a chick magnet has never entered his head.

Yogi007 :

I’ve been walking people’s dogs ever since I got here.    It’s a great pastime.   Just get a collar & lead, a bag of dog pellets & a small bottle of water & off you go.

Thank god you explained why you put dogs between friends with benefits and the occasional hooker. :D

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