Does anyone know the bus Metro Bus or Caribe Tours schedule and cost?

Hi Expats.  I might need to take either the Metro Bus or Caribe Tours bus from Sosua to Santo Domingo this Sunday.   Could someone tell me what the current rate is from Sosua to Santo Domingo? From there I need to catch another bus from parque Enriquillo to La Romana.  I'm mainly interested to know if anyone knows if the Metro tours bus runs on Sunday Morning and what is their cost and schedule. Caribe tours I have been told runs hourly from Sosua to Santo Domingo I would love to know the cost of the Caribe tours bus and your opinion as to which is most comfortable.  How long is the trip on the bus from Sosua to Santo Domingo and How Long From Santo Domingo to La Romana?
      There is supposed to be a relative taking me by car, but as a typical American and given the track record of no shows and lateness witnessed here, I would love to have a plan B if things do not work out in my favor. All info sources would truly truly be appreciated. I hope the experts Planner and Bob can help me out on this one, but all info and input is once again appreciated.

A plan B is always a good plan.  I prefer Metro as is quicker (less stops...only one in Santiago) and the buses a bit nicer.

Metro leaves from the Texaco in Sosua at 8:20 and 10:20 in the morning. Here is a link to the site:  I think the cost here is $360 or so a bit more than Caribe but worth it.

Caribe starts at 5:20 in the morning and are basically every hour but may have an extra bus at 7am. Remember they leave from Cheramicos   Here is their schedule link … get_travel  Costs here are $330 each way

Hope this helps.

Bob K

Forgot time is about 4 hours or a bit more for Metro and 4.5 hours or bit more for Caribe.

From SD to La Romana I do not know but the sites I sent you will have that information.

Bob K

Thanks A million Bob, you always provide info when needed, they need to bump you up to expert status already, both you and planner always provide so much help.  I will have to repost letting you all know how things turned out.  My girlfriend seemed a bit annoyed that I was actually researching and making a plan B. All I said was that Americans have learned not to put all our eggs in one basket, my example ENRON. she asked: Who is Enron? LOL  She said by me creating a plan B is as if I did not think her cousin would come through for us.  I only said a few things in return.  Did he return your calls on Friday to square the trip for Sunday? How are his Kidneys doing this week? And does he have plans to party Saturday night? Upon not getting an answer to any of those questions, I felt a plan B might be necessary as extra insurance.  I still remember planners closet boy adventure. So on that note, if he shows up great! If not, I guess I will be on the Bus to the Capital on Sunday. :-)

Ooooops Bob just took a closer look at your status and realized you have been made an expert already. Congrats! Well deserved :-)

Thank you and good luck.

Bob K

Metro is faster and nicer but less scheduled buses. Price is the same.

Taxi from bus to your next bus 200 rd.

And sending you a message.

Thanks Planner.  I sent you a PM back, your wisdom is always appreciated :-)


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