Malaysians/Singaporeans/Indonesians in Nova Scotia

Hi all,

I don't mean to discriminate. But if you're a fellow Malaysian or even an Singaporean or Indonesian living in Nova Scotia, do give me a shout out. It would be nice to keep connected.

My name's Philip and my wife and I have been living in Halifax, NS for slightly over 5 years now. We are both working in the IT industry here.

Hi philipyeo,

Welcome to and thank you for your little introduction. :)




Apa Khabar? PM (private message) me directly through expat-blog and we'll take it from there.



Bisa tanya-tanya soal pasal immigrasi. But private message me ok. I'll respond there and will try to answer whenever I can.

p.s. Happy New Year to you and your family.



Bang Modes, with your skills in Geology, you are better off getting jobs in Alberta or Saskatchewan. These two provinces are resource rich and would definitely need folks with your skill sets. Unfortunately, though Nova Scotia is a beautiful and  peaceful province especially to raise a family, the reality is you want to be able to support them - I'm afraid to say that there will not be many jobs for people in your field. Take for example when I find for the jobs through "jobbank" portal (Canadian federal gov's job site), there are no geologist jobs available in Nova Scotia itself, but there's 7 in Calgary (at the time I searched), … tion=final
1 in Fort Mac … tion=final
2 in Edmonton, … tion=final
1 in Saskatoon … tion=final

Heck, there's even 1 in Whitehorse, YK … tion=final

Hi Philip

I am looking for people of Malaysian/Indonesian descent to help with a research project.  We will gladly pay for the help and information and even leads regarding our project.  Please let me know if this is something you would like to learn more about.

Hope you and your family are well.


@ Melkemp > Would be best if you can post your ad in the Looking for testimonies in Canada section please.



Thanks, new to this site so help is appreciated.


@philipyeo Hi Philip, I am a Singapore citizen who is working in Halifax. I relocated to Halifax in Nov 2021, so it has been about a year now. Hope to know more people in Halifax/Nova Scotia.

Hello, I am Mohamed Fadl. I hold a technical industrial institute, car department, and a first-class driving license. I want to work as a truck driver or engine mechanic