I'll be visiting Japan next month - looking to make some contacts!

Hi there! I am planning a visit to Japan pretty soon - I'll be flying there from Canada on June 18th. I booked a stay in a hostel in Tokyo for the first 10 nights, and I'm currently deciding whether I want to spend any more time there or see more of Japan before moving on. I've never been to Asia before, and I'm leaving much of the planning for when I'm there, haha. Trying to keep my options open and whatnot.

If there's anyone based in Tokyo on this forum who might be interested in helping out a traveler, or anyone from elsewhere in Japan who can recommend me nice places to visit, please feel welcome to reply here or send me a message. Even if you don't have much advice to offer, but would like to make a new friend and maybe improve your english, feel free to get in contact with me.

I'm really looking forward to staying in Japan and making some new friends! :)

hi you gonna visit here?

it's nice! have a safe flight .. if had a chance .. i will tour you here! takecare!

how did u apple to go there is it easy to find away ?

How did you trip go?
What places did you end up traveling too?
Do you take any photos or video?
Would love to see them if you have a blog or something.