Any foreigners selling their houses privately in Japan?

Hello everyone,
I am a foreigner wanting to sell my house in Gifu Japan. Has anyone heard of a foreigner selling their house before? Any sites you can recommend?
I had a realtor over to price our place and as always they have a monopoly on the system. They said that the new owners will have to do a reform (renovation) on it. So they will sell the new owner the house mortgage and then sell them on the reform, but are nice enough to combine the loans and sell at 1 price. Our house has solar panels on the roof and the outside was painted with a ceramic paint that stretches with an earthquake so it won't crack 1 year and a half ago.  It still in great condition but they say have to do a total reform so, we get a lower than average price on it. So if I can save someone 10s of thousands of dollars than I would do that instead of giving it to the realtor.
Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

Sorry I don't know of any foreigners selling their house in Japan. Actually am considering buying one myself in the future but would go through an agent, and probably would just get an apartment in the city. do you have one of those traditional wooden houses that they have in Gifu? How is the maintenance cost of those properties? I suppose they are good for rental income?

It's the regular foreign looking split level houses. 4 br., 2 toilets, shower/bath room. Very cheap to operate. No real expenses besides lawn care supplies. Painted it once in 25 years. Water pipes get cleaned every few years. That's about it.

Well good luck with selling it. I am interested in the Shizuoka area: Mishima or perhaps Numazu, smaller places but not too far from Tokyo or even closer to Yokohama. Will be interesting to know if you find a good website for selling directly.

There are lots of foreigners selling their properties in Japan. However, most of them are in the Hokkaido prefecture. The usually sell it in FB groups or in specific (geographic location) websites. Also, it also helps if you get in touch with property managers within your area. In Hokkaido, companies like Hokkaido Tracks or Nisade can help you sell / rent / overall manage your property.


That's interesting. Why most of the foreigners selling their properties in Japan are in Hokkaido?

My wife and I are now here in Osaka checking out the area and considering buying a property. Understanding that pricing is relative to the area, we are considering looking in the surrounding areas. If your property is still up for sale please let me know. Also appreciate any advice from other members who can offer info about buying a property outside the Osaka municipal area? Thanks.