Looking for friends from World

Hi every one,

I am Merkle from City of Basel, Switzerland,a new member,
living and working as manager of company in Aomori,Japan.
I love traveling, Beaches,Swimming,I get bored here, wish to have friends, hope to hear from you soon.

Welcome Mr Merkle

Am here and would be your friend . I just  joined this forum some few days ago and hope my message gets to you and you reply me as your new friend.

Good morning,
Thanks a lot for reply,its nice to have friend like you. have a great day.

Hi Merkle,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

I have moved your topic on the Japan forum for better visibility.

Thank you,
All the best,
Expat.com team

Hi Mr. Merkle
Welcome to Expat.
Well living as GAIJIN in Tohoku region might be different
from living in Tokyo or Osaka.
But it will be only concerning of times.
You will stay longer you will have more friends and also
will start understanding different mentality of these region.
Be patient. It will be OK.
B. regard


Hi Merkle

I am quite happy to hear from your mail that you are doing good in Japan and even amazed you have knowledge of Tohoku people mentality based on its history.
As you have mentioned I also been to many countries in Europe and Meddle East. (2  years in UK, 2 Years in Italy, 2 Years in Saudi Arabia, 2 years in Taiwan and almost 5 years in Thailand)
Now you know I am not young one (even I hope to keep as young)
I am doing project solution consulting and not always in Japan
(Sapporo). And once I am back to Japan I feel more calm not because of my home country but the country gives such a feeling.
I believe you will find nice people in Aomori and at the end you won't leave Japan.
In English people say "In for a penny, In for a pound"
Look far for your own future and I am quite sure Japan or Japanese would not neglect your expectation. Be happy and keep going.
If I have chance to visit Aomori we may see each others.
For further communication I will send mail to your mail address of Yahoo.
Best regard

P.S Typhoon are coming I hope it won't cause too much damage.
    Take care of your self.


Hi Merkle

Thank you for your mail with invitation for dinner.
Just like you I am also traveling around Asian region for business but I really hope to see you and will talk about Japan and
other many issues that might be mutual interests.
Yes. It good to be in Japan as safe country with much decent people around.
I will in touch once I will back to Japan
Best regard