Looking forward to making friends with anyone from all over the world

I am derek,from China.
I am now working in Osaka~~~
it's only been three months since i came to Japan.
But i am getting used to life here..very cool
I would love to have more friends with you from any place in the world. I can speak Chinese, Cantonese, English, and I am working hard on my Japanese too...

if you are interested,let's be friends.
My msn: friendderek@hotmail.com
See you,my friend~~~

Welcome on board Derek!

Why did you move to Japan?

The expat network Japan might help you ;)

All the best,


thank you for your reply

Well, i graduated from university last year in China, and i got a chance to work in Japan.
it is one of my dreams ~~~

so what about you,man?
you seem to be around this forum so often.
nice guy , i think~~

I also left my home country (France) after my studies and never came back home :lol:

I am currently living in Mauritius, a small/nice island near Madagascar. I've been here for almost 2 years now...

How long do you plan to stay in Japan?

maybe as long as possible~~~
I need to get more working experience in Japan.
Right now life is pretty stable here
Japanese is quite difficult ~~~