Anyone in Japan ?


Hi everyone.

Hope all is well with you ?

I am curious to start a e-mailing friendship with people from & or living in Japan.
I will be traveling there in the later part of January.
I am not asking for anyone's e-mailing address unless we both agree to sharing each others ?

I might even decide to move there, that will be decided later?

Thank You :)

Ok, It has been brought to my attention that I failed to introduce myself on here.
I apologize for that.
I am not trying to make anything difficult in any way for anyone.

Though, until I know someone much better, I feel that my name should be left out for now.

I am however an American, I am 53 years old, I am single, I live alone.
I am divorced & have been for over 5 years now.

I had to retire from my work because of a medical surgery gone bad.

I do not need anyone's money & I am not looking for anyone to pay my way in life.
I am also not going to do the same for anyone either.

As I said before, I am looking only for friends, nothing more !

I am interested in maybe living or ? in Japan ?

Or just to visit ?

That will be determined at a later time.

Hi meandI,

Please note that your post is now on the Japan Forum for better visibility and more interaction :)

It would be nice if you can write down a few more words about yourself just as an introduction please :) ?

Thank you

Maximilien Team


I am Merkle, I saw your post, it will be pleasure to give you any information about business or about anything you need ask about Japan,
I moved from Switzerland,living and doing business in Japan.

Hello meandI and everyone,

My husband (Irish) and I (Canadian but born in Japan) have been living in Kyoto for some time, we're both over 40.  It seems that there are many young students here but I was hoping to find some community or ways to meet some foreigners who are closer to our age (as well as any other age group.) 

Then I found this site and came across your posting here.

Since this is my first time using this site, I won't put too much personal information right now, but we will be happy to communicate via email and to meet you if you're coming to Kyoto to live.

Thank you for reading.


This is Rohit from Nepal.
Just was going through this post and came across your comments.
Its more like finding Gold while looking for stone.
I had been searching all over the internet for the suggestion on opening leisure business in Japan.
So, I would highly appreciate if you could advise me on what are the procedure to open a pub, club or bar in Japan and on average how much capital should i have before in get into this business.

I am not talking about very big establishment. Just a small bar which will a living for me and my family if i ever had one in Japan.