Life in Japan. How to get about.

Hi, I live in Australia. In the past few months, I have been seriously considering a move to work Overseas, but I haven't reached a decision yet because I am not so sure what to expect. However, I feel the need to go for an adventure away from Australia to learn a little bit about other culture.

Hello! :)

Before moving to a foreign country I think it is VERY important to visit first.
Often countries are completely different from what we had imagined - and that goes especially for Japan! :)

Why not come for a 2-3 week vacation to Japan first? ;)

if you would like to go abroad for work,
I would recommend going to countries which understand your language.

Japan is a tough place to live if you cannot understand Japanese.
If you would like to go for an adventure in Asia, Southeast Asia region might be one of your option  as English is spoken in many parts of the Southeast Asia region (e.g. Singapore, Malaysia).

Man, at least finish a Beginning Level of Japanese before you go there.... The place is tough without you knowing the language. Well I guess you can kinda survive in Tokyo, but outside of Tokyo? The more fluent in Japanese you are the much easier your life is going to be. Been there before for 5 months, you can trust me on this.