Hello .. Yoroshiku

hi I'm Satsuki. I am 37, widow with 2 teenager kids. I live near Nagoya City. I am here to make friends, female and male is fine. just ask if you want to know more :)

Hi, Sacchan,
Ogenki desuka?
Your face is very healthy and young.
I been to Nagoya before, the misolatsu is very good.
What foods do you like?

hello Machida San
I like sweet foods and american and japanese food.

Hi, Sacchan,

Are you living in Gifu?
What kind of fish you often eat?
I have been in Gifu, many mountain and river, I like there.
Osaka has not so many natures, but many restaurants, jobs, and people.

hi mam good day po im rommel from century properties nandito ako ngayon sa osaka japan for promoting and tour of my company hope na maging friend po tayo at mapakilala mo din ako sa mga kapinoy naten! salamat po at god bless! 😊

Hi Rommel_15 - can you keep it in English pls :)

yes I live in gifu. I don't eat fish a lot but I can eat any kind of fish. my town is very quiet and country side

sorry Rommel I'm far from osaka

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             hop my message find you well , looking to find friends in japan



Hi Satsuki where u live in Japan