Where is best for jobs in Greece

Hi, I am an expat hopeful. After deciding whether to move to Malta, Italy, France, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus or Greece. I have decided on Greece. Which of the 3 islands is good for foreign e.u workers Corfu, Rhodes or Crete? I've heard Rhodes has the busiest tourist industry in Greece so that might be a good bet. Don'tknow why Greece shuts down over the winter? Crete and Rhodes are at a more southerly latitude than the algarve. I speak a smattering of Greek as it's only right to learn at least some lingo in the host country. I don't just want seasonal work. Year round if possible.

Greece doesn't "shut down" in winter lol it's just that tourism definitely decreases after October and activity is mainly centered in Athens. If you are interested in hotel/tourism, you can try the Athens hotels- the work is year round as there are always lots of conferences and things about. Good luck whatever you do!

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Hi christo >Could you please give useful info instead of giving only your contact number? Thank you.

the best jobs are in athens,as housekeepers,nannies,secreterial in Companies Exporting to philipinnes.
the rent of a appt.aprox.30m.is 150-200euros.salaries approx 700-800euros.there are a lot of Super
markets asian food.pinoy people have a good reputation in GREECE.

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useful information - thank you