B&B in Santorini

Morning all

Am from UK living in Dubai and am sorely tempted to open up some form of S/C accommodation in beautiful Santorini.  Have travelled many times to Greek islands and no other word but idyllic.

Is a dream for me to live there (perhaps that's just how it will remain and is pie in the sky) but anyone who's non-Greek and started up their own business there would be welcomed to offer their insight and advice.

Am well aware that it's only seasonal but would just have to work that much harder during the summer months to cover my expenses for the following 6 months.

Advice required such as how easy/difficult is it to start up own business, overhead costs etc., is tourism still booming since the financial demise............ any other information you can furnish me with would be very much appreciated.

Cheers guys and look forward to your input and expertise. :cool:

Sounds great! Santorini IS amazing,and based on experiences the best shops/hotels/restaurants I visited there were run by foreigners. :P I've been to Perissa in Santorini also, that was my fave place due to the fact that the service was great and cheap.

Maybe you should contact shops/ hotels that are run by foreigners (tons in Perissa) they may be able to help u out.

**(if u do open any place hire me I'll make ur dream more enjoyable) LOL!:P

Good Luck!!!!!!

PS- U may want to check the following links, may be of some help!


Thanks Koukla, you're a star and yep you'll be my first employee - you fancy being bar manager? :P

Will check the above links out.

Thanks again xx

Well actually I've managed to drink at bars quite often! I suppose that's considered experience? :P

I suppose you've been to Santorini and that is why u want to make it your dream?

I will see if I can gather anymore info and post it here,however my opinion is you can do anything in Greece, provided you have $$$. Hard to go wrong in tourism, even when the Greeks have no money , they always manage to go on vacation! And Santorini is very popular abroad also , as long as you have good service you can't go wrong, and since you're a foreigner( yes I am a Greek saying this to u :P) I am SURE you will provide good service!!;):P

Koukla, can you pm me with your email addy - would like to keep in touch and exchange views if that's ok with you :cool:

Ok done!!!

Also after some research I've stumbled on the following, may interest you! :)

Hotels for sale in Santorini (and other properties)

And this PDF guide on opening a business in Greece seems pretty thorough : (direct download) Business in Greece PDF

You definitely have a job with me - even if it's just an advisor of some description :cool:

Thanks for all your help Kathy - much appreciated xx

hahahaha! :P

I found this also and its 2011, theres LOTS of data (bureaucracy here is the WORST of the worst ) so from what I see it may be helpful!
Do u speak any Greek?

Ease of Doing Business in Greece

Unfortunately only very limited words so can quite honestly say no I can't but wish I did as it's a lovely language - could be my downfall I guess :(

Ι see, well anything you need you can always ask me!

Having a financial ctisis in Greece, it's easier for a foreigner coming here to invest as everything becomes cheaper.
On the other hand, Santorini is an really expensive island in about every subject and i do not think prices will go down easily.
You have to take under consideration the paperwork that has to be done and the ability it has to drive you crazy or the utterlly corrupted state services.
The best thing is to organize and get familiar with the things here before you make any move.
Last, i prefer a well organized business from a foreigner any time instead of a crappy business of a greedy Greek. In other words i support

Thank you Akarthis for your input and your kind support :D  If it materialised I would definitely make it top notch as I'd rely on repeat business and word of mouth.

Reading through all the bureaucracy that's warranted it does tend to throw cold water on the idea.......

Guys , I was in Santorini just last year and will probably be over again this year, by expensive if you mean for Tourists etc, I have to say no. It was the cheapest Island I've been to , OBVIOUSLY some areas are more expensive than others, but generally it was cheaper than central Athens etc!!!! I stayed in 2 different B&B's(without the breakfast lol , separate houses, A/C, fridge, utensils, etc) for 40 euros a night for 2ppl, in High season! Drinking and eating was dirt cheap as well.Most of the time was spent in Perissa, where Beers (full size 500ml and Heineken, Amstel brands) were at 2 euros a bottle, drafts 1 euro, as where in Piraeus where I live, we pay no less than 5-6 euros and this is for the small bottle. Food, we are at almost all restaurants, and for 2 ppl we ate quite good and all this for under 21euros(each a plate, salad, we had a beer each, AND they gave us a free bottle of wine)

In Fira the main city was also cheap, OF course there are REAL fancy places just like everywhere that would be more $$$, but in general I spent less there than I would back home. Amazing.

Yes the bureaucracy is #[email protected]%&*& in this country, BUT yes as Akarthis said, and have told you before myself,I'd chose and I do chose to stay /eat/play at foreigners no matter what.
You should however take a trip there before as well since u have not been and get a taste,keep in mind during winter, there is practically nothing to do there and well lost of business close and open for April/May to October.

Ok thats all for now ! :P

...........and yes Word to Mouth is the best, and with the kind of Mouth I have, you'll be more popular that Rihanna!
hahahahahha LOL!!!!!! :P

by claiming that things are expensive, i meant in a business and investing attitude. I've been at Santorini too many times. My best friend is from Santorini,so a spare house is always there for us. And i know about land prices or business prices.
In any case, i really hope that your dream becomes reality.

P.s: and even by a tourist perspective it's an expensive island. Not like Mykonos or some other less known islands but still....

Which island do you suggest Akarthis?