How to work in Greece as a digital nomad

Become a digital nomad in Greece
Updated 2023-05-14 12:29

Located on the southernmost tip of the Balkan peninsula, Greece boasts a beautiful coastline and small resort islands in the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Ionian Seas. The country is one of the world's top travel destinations and a popular spot among digital nomads.

Why move to Greece?

Greece is an easy country to travel to and from, and as an EU member state, it allows short-term visa-free travel for residents of other EU states (Schengen zone) as well as some visa-free travel for some non-EU countries. Alternatively, as a non-EU citizen, you can apply for a digital nomad visa which allows you to stay for up to a year in Greece to work remotely.

Greece is a place of fascinating natural and architectural beauty, and a lot of freelancers travel to the country for a great selection of picturesque locations to work from. Greece offers a stable internet connection, especially in big cities, as well as coworking spaces and free Wi-Fi in cafés and coffee shops.

Greece is an all-year-round holiday destination. Famous for its crystal-clear waters, pebbled beaches, and one of the world's healthiest cuisines, the country provides a unique atmosphere that many nomads are willing to explore.

How do I get a digital nomad visa for Greece?

A Greek digital nomad visa is valid for one year and is a great option for Non-EU nationals if you want to work remotely in Greece while fully enjoying the 250 days of sun and exploring the country and the islands.

To qualify for the Greek digital nomad visa, you have to meet these requirements, such as:

  • You must have a contract and work for an employer that is registered outside of Greece
  • To obtain the digital nomad visa, you must be a non-EU national
  • You must have a monthly salary of at least €3,500
  • You must substantiate that you can work remotely through your employment

What documents are required to obtain a digital nomad visa in Greece?

  • A valid passport: your passport must be valid for at least six months after the end of your stay in Greece. It must have at least 4 pages, as the visa will be stickered into your passport.
  • An application form – completed
  • A cover letter detailing:
  1. That you intend to apply for a digital nomad visa
  2. You will be working for a registered company outside of Greece
  3. Details about your role and work
  4. A statement that you can meet the financial burden
  • Two passport photos: 35x45mm
  • Proof of employment: can be evidenced by a copy of your employment contract showing that you will be working as a digital nomad.
  • Proof you meet the required income: at least two recent bank statements should be provided showing that you meet the minimum monthly salary requirement of at least 3,500 euros
  • Police or criminal record certificate: you must have a clean record, and the certificate must be obtained from your home country or home residence's police record authorities.
  • Proof of accommodation in Greece: you must provide a rental contract or accommodation details to show where you will be staying during your time in Greece.
  • Return flight ticket: to show that you will be leaving upon expiration of your nomad visa in Greece.
  • Medical certificate: to show that you do not carry any diseases that pose a threat to public health.

Good to know:

The fee for the Greek digital nomad visa is €75. To apply, you have to submit your required documents (as listed above) at the nearest Greek Embassy or Consulate in your home country or country of residence. To do this, you have to book an appointment on the Greek Embassy or Consulate's website so that you can submit your documents in person.

Best places to work from in Greece

Athens is the capital of Greece and a large metropolitan area. The city is a mix of modernity and history in almost everything — its architecture, cuisine, and lifestyle. Athens has the highest internet speed in Greece, so if it's the fast network you are after, Athens is the best choice. Still, working from the city known as 'the birthplace of Western civilization' is an experience in itself.

One of Greece's highlights is the country's iconic islands — some well-known for their views of snow-white buildings with the backdrop of the deep blue sea and others for the turquoise waters, the food delicacies, and the never-ending party vibes. Despite the growing interest, the islands have managed to preserve their rustic charm and local identity and are a special place to work while getting inspired by some of Europe's most breathtaking views.

Good to know:

If you decide to work from one of Greece's smaller islands, the best time of the year for your stay is between May and September. From October to April the smaller islands are very peaceful, and the weather conditions may not allow for travel by sea. Also note that in case of an emergency, you may have to be transported via helicopter to a hospital in Athens or another big city on the mainland.


The Internet and coworking spaces in Greece

The average download speed in Athens is 10Mbps, and it goes down the further you venture away from the capital. With that, you will easily find free Wi-Fi access in the many coffee shops, and there is always the option of getting a 3G or 4F dongle from one of the local providers to ensure stable connectivity wherever you go.

Coworking culture in Greece is still in the budding stage. In Athens, you will find several popular coworking offices, while in smaller towns, you may need to settle for working in a coffee shop.

Coworking spaces in Athens

Impact Hub, Karaiskaki 28

Foundation, Evristheos 2

Orange Grove, Leof. Vasileos Konstantinou 5

Spaces-Ermou, Ermou, Ermou 56, Αthens, 105 63 (open 24hrs)

Stone Soup, har. Trikoupi 18, 5th Floor, Athens, 106 79

Coworking spaces in Thessaloniki

Coho, co-working home, 29A, Ptolemeon Street, Thessaloniki, 546 30

Regus, coworking space & office rentals, Vasileos Irakleiou 53 & Charles Diehl, Thessaloniki, 546 23 (open 24hrs)

Coworking spaces in the islands

There are not many official coworking spaces on the islands. However, there are boutique hotels, hostels, and cafés that are particularly popular among freelancers.

Office 12, Michael Iliadi 12, Heraklion, 71409, Crete

Birds Bay, Avlaki, Petra, 81109, Lesvos

Akrotiri Lounge Café, Agios Stefanos, 49081, Corfu

Looking for the perfect mix of office space and accommodation? Greece for Nomads is a great website that provides an updated list of co-working spaces, cafés, accommodations and retreats throughout the Greek mainland and islands. What's more, the website has guides for specific cities, regions and islands so you can have the best idea of the place that you want to go to as a digital nomad.

Leisure in Greece

Working in Greece is like having an office in a museum. The country is brimming with historical sights such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and many others. A relaxing beach time is guaranteed on the islands, and the Elafonisi in southwest Crete is one of the best windsurfing spots in Europe.

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