Hot to freelance in Greece - any ideas?

Hi, just asking generally if anyone knows about how to be a freelancer in Greece. As an example: is this possible:

At the moment I have a shop (rented) and work as a licensed photographer. Would it be possible to stop having the shop and work from home instead? (The house is also rented.) Would that have an effect on the landlord? Is the house allowed to be a business address? And so on.

The house wouldn't be used to sell things from, like a shop, but I would still be registered as a photographer, legally, paying tax and OGA, doing weddings and so on - but from home rather than having the expense of another property.

Any thoughts or links to sites that might have advice around this subject would be welcome.

thanks all!

you can do what you say. You have to go to your tax srvice, unregister your current professional base and register the new one, that will be your house.
The only bad,as you will know, is the paperwork. If you have an accountant let him/her do this job(and of course for no extra fee)

That's interesting, thanks - sounds easy enough, but I thought it would have implications for my landlord (something to do with a business being registered at his property?)

No, not at all.
Though it's not that simple as it looks. It could be,but with the people that you will have to deal at the service tax, well.....!

It's perfectly legal to run your business from home. Just leave the shop you are renting and declare change of address at the tax office.  If you need any further assistance ask an accountant "logistis" in your area to help you, perhaps just fill out the necessary forms.  No point in paying rent for a shop in these ever so difficult days.  If you want people to find you, I would say it's probably best to just print and pass out some flyers, advertise in your local papers and maybe make a website with some of your projects and special offers. Good Luck!

Thanks for that, we will see how we get on this winter - summer is going ok for us at the moment (famous last words!). We've got the website already so that helps.

Just realized I meant to title this post 'How to' not Hot to! Hey ho!