Best Expat City in Europe ?

Hi There!    I am looking for an Expat friendly city in Europe to live and settle
to start a family.
btw,  I am from Denmark,  but do not want to settle in denmark, but another european country.
as i find denmark extremely unfriendly towards non-danish people. ( my GF is Canadian )
I have a long time girlfriend and have been considering the cities :

Berlin,  Barcelona, Amsterdam, Somewhere in Sweden, Stockholm,

Are there any super friendly expat cities that i have forgot about ?


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Try to post this thread in any of the cities you mentioned or ask in European Union Forum where you will get the better reply........


ok Thanks!

You are welcome........

Hi globalcitizen99,

I moved your topic on the Europe forum for more visibility. :)

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Did your girl friend learn to speak Danish?
And yet they were still unfriendly?
That surprises me!!!  :unsure

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