Men meeting Men


Where are the meeting places in Bahrain for Men?

Do you mean social clubs, bars etc or do you mean gay? Sorry to ask but the answers are totally different for both

Gay, I was a bit vague,  :dumbom:

There is Wendy's bar near the Souq and Wrangler's bar in Juffair. There are a few gay guys on this forum so I'm sure they will give you more clear advice

As Jo pointed out, Wendy's seems to be the go to place for gays. But don't expect anything like you have back home. It's not a gay club whatsoever. It's just some gays go there.


there is this group of gay people in bahrain on facebook just got to know while browsing!

good luck!


We are purely saying where SOME gay people may go to meet likeminded people and socialise


Thanks, I will try that.


I hear Wendy's is a meat market So be careful.

Hi I am a Indian bisexual engineer looking for a gay club in Bahrain

Hey, I'm a lesbian in Bahrain. Which gay club is suitable for me?

If I may .. dating isn't allowed on the open forums. However, there are sections in classifieds where you can do that.
As for asking where gay people hang out - no worries

Edit for clarification. The offending post was removed

@Syed11 hello, is still a Bahrain gay group on Facebook existing now?