I am looking for any Russian speaking girls or communities in Bahrain.

Hello and здравствуйте,

my name is Lana and I am planning to move to Bahrain with my fiance next month.
I lived in many countries, so I don't really know where I am from, but I guess I am Russian.

It would be great to meet girls or future moms between 25-35 years old.
I'll be happy for any information and responses!!!

Thank you in advance,

Привет Lana!
Welcome to Bahrain in the nearest future.
I’m from Minsk, Belarus but currently living here in Manama. Do not hesitate to ask questions you’re interested in.

I hope you will find lots of friends here!

Hello Victoria!
Thank you for your message!

Dorogoi Lana,  Dobraye Dyen,  Kak vashi delaaa..

Dear Lana,
I just see your letter/msg.  are you in Bahrain?
Ya ndravitsa videt gavareichka rooskom...

Pashaloosta  ,  if I can be in contact with you ...
Spaseebo... balshoi
zdu vashego otveta

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