Namastey & hello to all :)

Hey Im Lizzy ji :) I live in Belgium, and I'm 27 years old, since a couple of years i got enchanted by India, its culture and language...and as the result of  that interest i also ended up in having  a beautiful relationship with an Indian guy :) now the reason why i joined here is because  I would like to exchange some friendships with Indians living in Belgium or Belgians (just ike me) who have developped a great  interest in the wonderful country and its culture ..
Feel free to write me a message :)

Hello Lizzy,

The list of Indian expatriates in Belgium might be helpful in creating some contacts :)

Have you already been to India?  What do you enjoy most about India?

Have a nice day,


thanx, Hasnaa... i know that list =) a funny coeincidence i met my bf through this site, he was new in Belgium and we started chatting, and from one came another ;-) Well i havent been India yet, but i wish to go there soon :)

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