Sport Activities (Outdoor Running, Gym and Footy)

Hello to all expat fellows,

Here I am in Brussels (moved from London) and trying to settle in this new world! I have been here for a week now and already missing my sport activities.

So, I am basically looking for three things....

a) outdoor running routes (park or not city roads would be ideal) - anyone wants to join me even better,
b) an affordable gym (been to Aspria gym today in Avenue Louise and was told a year contract is 237 Euro / month - what on earth...? I whispered to myself, the most expensive gym in London wouldnt cost me a quarter of it!!!). I live in Saint Gilles so any nearby gym would be preferred, or else any gym close to metro stations of the line between Porte de Hal <-> Rogier or the tram lines between Gare du Nord <-> Parvis de St. Gilles, and
c) 5 aside (or 7 or 11 dont mind) footy - if you guys play sometimes and need a player I am all for it!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my email if its easier to send me a message there...oskangr[at]


Affordable Gym : Basic Fit (it's very basic.Only problem you must sign a yearly contract and pay by "domiciliation bancaire", you must have a bank account). Their card gives you access to all the network. Aspria is very very very expensive

thanks dude - yeah that's the downside of "basic" gyms, you must pay by direct debit and if you leave the country or for any other reason you want to make a move you are screwed! But again, if you actually leave the country and simply cancel the direct debit do you think they will take an action on you???

I go to Health City gym and I am pretty happy with the facilities. Of course, the one I go to is in Woluwe area, but they do have a few in the Brussels city itself. The rates are lower than Aspria definitely, and above that of Basic Fit, but it has better facilities. I pay ~66euros per month.

Other than that, I have friends who go to neighbourhood no-frills gym - that might go for like 15-25 euros per month.but I think if going for this price range, Basic Fit would seem like a better option.

For running, parks are aplenty in Brussels. I would also recommend checking out The Promenade Verte (or Green Walk). This is basically a trail of ~ 60 km for walkers and cyclists, surrounding the whole /different regions of Brussels.

There is a Health City at Rogier as well, but pretty expensive.. There are lot of football teams you easily can join! Many of my friends are joining different teams, some teams are more competitive than others tho. Many of the NGOs or Commission DGs have teams, perhaps join one of them? Could be fun! I know that University of Kent plays on Friday evenings at the VUB pitch.

Hello Oscan,
Do you know the "Centre sportif de Saint-Gilles" ? It's a big municipal sport school including a fitness, located 200metres from the metro station Porte de Hal (41, rue de Russie). Training on machines is unexpensive : 25€/month for workers and you can commit for only 1, 2, 3 months if you want. Open every day from 9 to 22, except on the w-e : 10-20. Of course it's not a luxury flashiness private sport center like Aspria (no jacuzzi, no automatic doors, no red carpet !) but there is a very friendly atmosphere, they offer lot of different courses and you don't have to sign up for a 1 year contract... To register, simply go there with your id card (for registrations, maybe limited to office time).
About running or walking, there are a lot of green places in Brussels, just take a look here to find the paths connected between them :
I hope this will help you, welcome in Brussels !

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