Wanna play field hockey?

If you are a hockeyminder like me and you are looking to play in brussels or start playing it. Do not hesitate to send me a message ;-).


I never played hockey but still I would wish to start playing at it.
Could you get me more info, please?

Have a nice evening!


Dear Dario

No problems for beginners to start.

Let's come to one of our weekly traing on thursday or tuersday.

From 20:00 to 22:00 to practice.

We are situated in Laeken at 2 steps from the atomium it's easy toreach our club.

Hope to see you soon.



Do you have any extra equipment to start, or do we need to bring out own?


at the moment I haven't any equipment but I think I'll buy everything. Just if you kindly tell me what it needs.

In addition could you tell me exactly the address so I can easily find your club, please?

Thank you so much ;)

We'll see soon.


Dear Dario

You are welcomed to come every tuersday and thursday evening from 20:00 to 22:00.

Here is the address of the club R.Primerose Hockey club avenue du gros tilleul 41 43 at 1020 brussels.

I can also lend you a stick for the rest of the equipement i can also sell you the rest.

Hope to meet you soon.


Vincent Roberts

Dear Vincent,

this two weeks I'm very busy so I'dont know if I'll be able to see you in this period.

Most probably we'll meet after the next two weeks.

We will talk About the equipment when we'll meet.

See you soon,


Hi Dario

Are you free this week?



Hi Walsh!

I am an enthusiastic (but not a very good) field hockey player. I've played only one season so far but would love to continue in playing while in Brussels.

I will be arriving in Brussels in March - I am aware that the hockey season does come to an end roughly at that time but do you guys do summer league by any chance?

Kind regards,

Details of Belgian hockey here, season September-June, will find little hockey being played July and August as school and work holiday months.
http://www.hockey.be/FR/Comp%C3%A9titio … 9rale.aspx

Thanks for the link! September - June means I could get March - June worth of hockey if the hockey club will have me :)

Thanks again for the advice!

This is a map of clubs in Brussels, for the main in the rich areas!
http://www.hockey.be/ClientDocuments/Cl … 1-2012.pdf

Hi Mariana

Sorry if i didn t follow your add i totally forgot to reply :(

If you are still looking for some sports in brussels and espacialy hockey.

Please contact me we still have one month of competion and two mounth of training.

Speak you soon.




I have played hockey in Australia for many years and am moving to Brussels in August for 1 year.  I would really appreciate any information about the (female) field hockey season in Belgium:

- what dates does the season start/end?
- how much does it cost?
- is it easy to join a club?
- how competitive is the league?
- does it matter if I don't speak French?
- I will probably only bring my mouthguard, so would it be possible to borrow a stick/shinpads for the season?

Thank you for your help!

there are about a dozen clubs in Brussels region, contact the ones nearest where you're likely to live and ask them the questions. The link to the map of them is above already.


Here are a bit more information about my club who are located in the north of brussels (close by the city center). We have a nice ladies team which is multy cultural ( people from holland,germany ,england, thailand, south africa etc..)
- what dates does the season start/end? The season start with the trainings beginning of August( games are played from september to mid december after that indoor hockey from january to february then we restart outddoor until end of may.
- how much does it cost? You can have a membership fee at around 400euro a year. It depend also about your level my club is looking for coaches and trainors.
- is it easy to join a club? Yes easy but depend which level do you want to play for my club no prblems.
- how competitive is the league? It is serious hockey with one training every week.
- does it matter if I don't speak French? No problems  everybody understand english in our ladies club.
- I will probably only bring my mouthguard, so would it be possible to borrow a stick/shinpads for the season?
Don't worry i can lend you equipement a stick shinpads you can have from my club and our sponsor.

If you have any questions you can email me on welsh007[at]hotmail.com.

The welsh

Ps: as indicated to a reply do you have an idea where would you stay in brussels?

Hi Marianna

How are you? Did you find a club in Brussels? I saw on your reply that you should arrived in belgium :).

Hope to meet you on a hockey pitch.


Vincent Roberts

Hi all

The pre season is starting and we are still looking for some expats :)

Do not hesitate to contact me for info about hockey in brussels.

Cheers all

Vincent Roberts

Hi Vincent Roberts > i invite you to register your club in the Brussels business directory. Thank you.

Dario are you still inbntersted because we need a couple of people.

Let us know if you can come to our next training.




is the Hockey still on? I would love to join you guys.
Thanks for letting me know.


Yes sure Karel

We are still looking for players for this coming season.

Our first training is tonight but next week we have also training tuersday and thursday.

Can you tell me more about you?




great! I primarily play ice hockey and floorball in the Czech Republic (AC Sparta Praha) but when I was living in the UK I played field hockey for a while and I would love to get back to that during my stay in Brussels. Is that fine with you? Where do you train? and if you are ok with me when do the trainings start?
Thanks a lot.


Hey, I'm coming to Brussels in a few short weeks and would love to get involved in some field hockey. My name's Hazel-Marie, I'm 23 and Scottish.

Is there a ladies team?

I used to play at university and would love to get involved again!


Dear Hazelm

Yes we have ladies team in our club actually 2 one advanced playing in Regional 1 (good standard of hockey) and a more recreative one in Regional 3 (more beginners and people who don't have lot of time to train).

Our ladies restart the monday the 11th at 20:30 until 22:00 the usualy train once a week on the wednesday same hours but in August they will train twice a week.

Our team is multicultural (People from Germany Holland Thailand South Africa etc..) i'm sure you would love to play with us :-)

When do you come in Belgium ? For how long ?

Do not hesitate to contact me for more questions.


more info on facebook Primerosehockey

Hi Karel

Good to hear that you have skills for field hockey ;-).

You are welcomed to come at our trainings we train every tuersday and thursday from 20:00 to 22:00 (we meet us at the pitch at 19:45).

Can you send me your full details mobile etc.. by mail i think it would be easyer to arrange everything.

Here is my email: info[at]primerose-hockey.be

Looking forward to meet you next week




I ve just come across these posts about field hockey in Brussels.  Im pretty much a beginner but would love to join a club and improve.  I guess the season has already started - I hope its not too late to get involved.  I wouldnt have any equipment but Im sure I could sort that out!


Hi Susanna

I would love to have extra players in our club.

Our trainings has already started but you can join us no problem.

Why don't you come next wednesday at 20:30 to 22:00.

I will lend you a stick no problem ;-)

Looking forward to meet you next week if you are availble.



Hi Vinc,

Thanks for your message - sorry I took so long to reply, I was out of town.

Unfortunately I do language classes for work on Wednesday - hopefully they might change the evening next semester and I can come along to hockey as I would love to try it out again.


Hi Susanna

Pitty you might come and watch us on a game on saterday afternoon.

Just to have an idea of the team and meet us.

I hope you would be able to make it on the next semester.

Speak you soon.



I'm a 19-year-old girl from Finland and I would very much like to try field hockey. I love sports and I have played floorball many years. It really is similar sport so it would be awesome to play field hockey. I'm living in Brussels at the moment and I'm working as an au pair. So, do you have a ladies group playing field hockey and is it possible to join? I don't have any equipment so can I lend them somewhere?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Good to hear that you might be interested to join us.

We have quite a lot of expats in our ladies teams if you want to try you can come this Wednesday evening or next week for testing it.

We can lend you a stick that is not a problem let me know when you come.

If you send me you details via private message i can give you more information and my contact number.

Looking forward to hear something from you soon.



Hi. I'll be in Brussels for a couple of months at the end of the year. I was wondering whether the hockey season is still ongoing then?


What do you mean about the end year ?

Our season start the 05th of September and have a break end of November.

It restarts end of February to May.

Let me know if you are interested to join us because we need players for both team men's and ladies.



Hi everyone,

@ welsh - It might be more helpful and easy for you to post an advert on Clubs, associations, volunteers in Brussels.

Hope this helps :)

Thank you


i want know more about this team! i would love practise these amazing sport!
How old females do you expect?

Hi Vic

Thanks for the swift reply.

I will be in Brussels from end September to mid December (a short stay unfortunately).

If you send me your details I can contact you when I'm there to see if I'm able to join a team.



Hi floris

Perfect we are looking forward to meet you !!!

We can continue tchating by Facebook is you have.



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Hi Cristina

Actually if you want to try you are welcome to come to our weekly training.

Our girl team trains on the Wednesday evening from 20:30 to 22:00.

Don't hesitate ;-)

Here is more info about our club.



I have a high school aged daughter (16yo) who currently plays on her school team as well as local teams in the off season. We are considering a move to Belgium and would like to know if you all play Field Hockey as part of high school sports.
Also considering London and Stuttgart, Germany if you have any info on those locations.
Thanks in advance,

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