Shall we arrange expat meet up?

Hey Guys,

We should plan to arrange an expat party for all existing users of this website strictly for expats? what do u all say???

As an expat for me sometimes very difficult to meet up new people here I guess you guys may be experiencing the same so we should arrange get together for all us ?

Kindly advise.



Very good idea Sidd :)

Thanks for showing interest Julien, at least we need 10 confirmed member so we all plan together suitable place to meet up...

i think its a great idea :)

Great idea. Why don't we open it up for all users of this web and not narrowing it down to expats. This wil be a good opportunity for all to even meet the locals and we can know each other better. this will help us build our network.

hehe if local are able to attend then im in :)

I've pinned this topic; it'll be more noticeable.:D

thanks for the pinned!

If something is organized, I m in too ;)

absolutly will be nice to meet a lot of expats in KL, sharing everything bout living in KL, more friendship and networking :)
hmmm who will be the EO :rolleyes:

Ok great and thanks for suggestions. As per replies we are getting from different users. Now, we welcome locals and non expatriates in coming meet up party :) cheers

@Key03: I suggested this meet up party here and I am not the one who is EO. We are all EO, because its for all.. :)

I am suggesting to arrange this party in KL, Malaysia. Kindly all users who have replied (expats, local, visitors) share this info to all of their friends.

Looking forward for more participations.



ok sidd, let's arrange together....:D

Thanks for support Key03.

great :) waiting for the info

When and where is the meet up party?  I'm interested.

Hi Guys,

I guess mid of june or end of June would be suitable so we can schedule accordingly.

Kindly give me more suggestions.

Regards & Thanks to all,


hmm what kind place do u prefer for meeting up sidd???maybe i can give some reference....:)

no updates?

I suggest you guys to fix a date & a place ;)

(we organize monthly meetups in Mauritius, we were 45 last month!)

I'm in too !

Hey Guys,

I am really sorry for late reply its coz i m out of Malaysia until 11th June, 2010. I suggest you guys decide place in KL and I m sure KEY03 will help us to find best place for meet up.

:) cheers


it's a wonderful idea, really difficult making friends.

check this out, maybe ppl from this thread can group up and meet there for an ice breaking session. It's posted by kl expat Malaysia in facebook, got invited and now share with you guys, its a public invitation.

Start Time: Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 10:00pm
End Time: Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 4:00am
Location: VANITY MANSION, 18-26 Jalan Kamunting, KL--- The road paralell to Asian Herritage Row.

The sleek club offers its seven sins cocktails, choose your sin,may it be seduction, lust or vanity... Stay tuned for our juice let loose.

Free flow of cosmopolitans from 10pm to 1am.

First Beer @ Entrance


Valet Service Provided.

I ll be there ;)

hmm anyone going mind to leave your number? don't wanna be alone there =\ just in case :P

I am intereted !! I want to make friends;)

i missed it only read my msg today, next time.

How was the Vanity Mansion for those that went?

I also missed to read the information from Ernest:( next time!!

was not so good, not so many people there and there was a 35RM cover fee!!!

its ok guys, guess we can organise something small here perhaps ?

I agree with you. But, instead of arranging such meetings asit's difficult to bring in certain number of people interested to meetup, isuggest to check events announcemnts.  I am sure there are social events for expats in Malaysia. Does any one know where I can find such announcemnts. and click on events.  Looks like they usually hold a mingle event every month. 

And also check this site, which is also holding an event at Vanity Mansion for this coming Thursday.  It looks like they also hold a mingle event every month.

So I guess there are 2 events every month to catch.  I haven't been to any yet.

For the small meetup I suggest just to do a dinner thing.  Its the easiest way and everyone has to eat right?  It also tends to be more quiet so people can talk.  And those that don't like to talk too much can just get busy munching on their food instead. 

Dinner thing probably works well.  Everyone eats dinner.

Probably even best to have it at a Buffet so you don't have to think too much about splitting the bill.


You guys orgainizing something through PM or is this meet up idea just gone dead?  Would be nice to set this up on a Sunday.  I usually have nothing happening on a Sunday.

hey guys i m back ... i hope you guys have come up with something.. i guess its better we go for dinner first there we can talk and get to know each other well and later continue to go out for clubbing or any party...??
kindly suggest

heyy guys.
im sofia from kl.

i just wanted to say that if u guys do wanna host a meet up next time i could help u up.

im not that good but i have contacts and i could work something out.

i hosted 3 events before so i thought maybe i will help.

so if u guys need help from me be free to ask.
its my pleasure to help :P


Hi everybody!
Somebody on this website should start organizing something concrete! Really, in Mauritius we are now organizing regular meetups and it's fun and having more success each time!

I just notice some 40 messages in this topic, meaning there is a lot of interest.

I'd say somebody take things in hands and organize something:

- either a drink somewhere on week ends
- a dinner in a fine restaurant
which by the way can be organized on weekly basis

but you can alos do as us in Mauritius:

- choose a theme for monthly get togethers
  such as:
  - excursions to an interesting place with picnics
  - some musical events (check out our June 26th event
  - or whatever else.

The best thing is to each time create a new topic for each meet up as this will be more visible to everybody.

Also we are publishing this on both french and english forums here so that communities interact better.

So people, this is just my 2 cents worth!