Moving to Labuan!

Hi there, just wondering if there is anyone out there living in Labuan?  My husband has accepted a job there and we will be making the big move from Nova Scotia, Canada in Feb.  Looking for some social clubs, woman's groups, child playdates for my 21 mnt old and last but not least, a shopping buddy:-)  I'm also wondering if any of you have travelled with your pets and how that turned out???

Looking forward to meeting some new people!!

hi, I am not sure about where is Labuan but I wish it near to Kuala Lumpur

anyway ....PM for anything

Hi Labuan is tax free island used for offshore banking. Nothing really there (years ago) so It might have improved a bit now. There may be other expats there as banking field but all hush hush as lots of money goes through Labuan and banks in KL can't ask questions about it.....

I think it has been a little more established than before, but quite boring I hear...

I recently visited there. Peaceful small town feeling. Basically in the city is within walking distance. Infrastructure seems to be better cared than in other Malaysian towns - it is really clean and tidy. I heard that some islanders fly to KL for shopping as there is more variations and higher competition keeps prices more reasonable. So tax free status benefist only in alcohol, tobacco and car prices.

Anyway... can not actully answer your questions as do not live there.Hope this little bit helps for beginning. Wish you a pleasent stay in Labuan.

Re: Moving to Labuan!
Thanks for your post:-)  Anyone's personal experience/views helps me to at least become more
familiar/ comfortable with the Island.

Hi Gaild,

I'm a Brit living in Labuan and SOOOOO lonely! I'm a bit late in replying to your post but are you still here? Still looking for a shopping buddy? Let me know if you are- I also have a 19 month old son who is free for playdates!

Hope we can get in touch,


some nice fishing places in labuan

Hi Gaild,

R u still in Labuan? If yes can you tell me whats the life like in there and is there any expats. My husband just moved down and he wants to take us but he is not quite sure yet as he says there is no expat in this iland.
Your help will be appreciated,

Hi there are you now in labuan?
Thank you