I'm looking for new friend that open minded and easy to talk with. With current pandemic and lockdown, i need someone to talk too. Btw, im women and lives in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks!

Hello nisageoinfo,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Hope that you will make new acquaintances very soon.


Expat.com Team

Hi all,
I am Anuj recently shifted KL. Found the city beautiful. Was wondering if we expats hang around on weekend as I am alone in the city and difficult to spend time on weekends. May be someone can suggest good happening places around.

Hi Nisa and Anuj, I am Ritesh from Kolkata, India. Been in Malaysia for close to 4yrs, along with my wife and recently moved to KL. Happy to connect.

We are friendly in nature and outgoing, would love to meet like minded people. I am 34.

Hi Anuj,

lets connect, i am  from india and working as a software professional

Hi Anuj, I'd love to make friends in Malaysia ... Will be happy to know you and your wife.
Plz get in touch

Hi and welcome to Malaysia

I'm Dianne and been living and working in Malaysia for nearly 8 years.. I found it hard to make friends also as I'm quite shy... If you want to catch up for coffee just message me.. 😊

Hello ma'am,
I am really pleased by your warm welcome.
It would be my pleasure to have a cup of coffee together. Let me know if you are available Today(27/Feb). 

Hi Rajat,
Glad to get connected. I work for a pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. Shall catch up soon

Hi Fatemzzara,
Glad to get connected. Would love to meet new faces and shall catch up soon. Any idea if we have some social get together to know each other or may be coffee time meetings so that we know each other

Hi I am Anuj. it would be a good idea if we create a more interactive group and meet over a coffee. This will help us know each other. I have just moved in and taken a condo in PJ area. Work as a pharmaceutical professional in KL. Glad to get connected

Dear Anuj
Sorry haven't checked email all this while.. am so happy to receive your messages... It's very comforting in this land where it's kind of rare to come across sociable people.

Dear Dianne it's a real pleasure to see your message ... I'm very happy to find sociable people here...
I've been here 4 years with my Malaysian husband, almost no friends, no hobbies, no social work, nothing...
I will be more than happy if we make a group or if we meet over a coffee or do some activity.
Plz get in touch

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hello i would also like to meet a nice gentleman whilst there in KL in June, is June a nice warm month to arrive?  i will be just having a holiday but would like someone to show me some interesting places to visit.  would love to live permanantly there but i think i shall have a problem with that as i dont have set income.  thank you.  lindy

Greetings to everyone

I am Sajid from Mumbai, India. This is my first time in Kuala Lumpur. Looking forward to connecting with you all.

My nature is friendly and outgoing and I am interested in meeting like-minded people.

Hi me too looking for friends
Hi everyone!!

i am looking for a friend too :D
if you guys interested to so sport together or coffee. Lets hangout :)
Hi All,,
I am fine with Cofee or Sports..
we are a group of expats .. we play Badminton on Tuesday and Thursday @ PUDU..
There are people doing other activites as well like hicking and dine out. etc..
Let me know, if you like to join us.. +60163808740 is my wts app..
Cheers.. Andrew..

Hi and welcome to Malaysia

I'm Dianne and been living and working in Malaysia for nearly 8 years.. I found it hard to make friends also as I'm quite shy... If you want to catch up for coffee just message me.. 😊

- @nzdianne92
Hey, i am also new in malaysi and working here as business analyst manager. Would love to meet you but yeah i am as shy as i think you're 😁 


Hello. Good morning.
I'm Rahul, living in Kuala Lumpur as an Expat and I work here and wanted to have a good friend.
May I have a pleasure of friendship with you?
Thank you.
@Priscilla please check your inbox



You shouldn't really be shy,  we're here to support each other.

Hi Nisageoinfo,

I Ms Shan from johor.  I have been living for pay 7 years. Both my kids are in  international school here. You can contact me here, to start off. Where are u from ?

@nisageoinfo Hi good evening.

Hi. I'm Rahul. Can we chat?

@nisageoinfo hi dear friend Iwould love to be your friend, please reply, we should have more nice conversation, thanks I looking for your mail