meet interesting expat people

Hi everyone!It's been 3months since my new life in malaysia had started.I made some good friends and life in malaysia is pretty good so far.It would be nice if I can meet interesting expat people in here.nice to meet you!:)

Hello cheeekieee and Welcome to the Forum ... Have been to Malaysia 10 Months ago, very peaceful country.

Hope you will have many friends there ... Enjoy & Explore Malaysia :)


Hi cheeekieee,

Welcome to!

I have moved your topic on the Malaysia forum for better visibility.

I wish you get lots of new contact here.

All the best,

Hi Cheekiee,
I suggest exploring more of Malaysia. Some places are just paradise. Perhentian is just one of them. If you have been there, then next few lines will make sense.

I was thinking of  having something  like 'Monkey Bar' here in KL. I'm not sure whether any expat band group exists where singers come and go.

Maybe we can hangout sometime soon.

hello. i am here as well :)

Vido Dido>Thank you! I cannot wait to visit other island like penang,redang,langkawi,borneo....I'm not sure how long I'm going to live here,so am always look on the schedule book to plan my next trip!

Christina>Hello!Thank you for moving my topic to the right category.I'm new and not sure how it works yet but hopefully I'll start blogging soon.

Priyam>Perhentian?Never heard of it.I need to google now!lol thank you for the comment.

Sofia star>Hello sure I'd love to!:)

kingali2308>thank you for the comment.nice to meet you!

Hi Cheekieee,

Welcome to Malaysia. I do enjoy meeting new people too. If you ever want to hang out or catch up for a cup or coffee do drop me a line.

wishing you all the best

Ayumi... Sweet name!I hope you like KL because when I travel abroad everyone is talking about this nice city that in the end I have to admit its a really good city to live in.

I would love to meet up with you and exchange stories.

Hi Ayumi,
Hi everyone,

Im Agnes Valentine, have just moved in to Malaysia on Jan 2012. Currently I stay at Subang Jaya and work at PJ. Anyway, it would be wonderful to meet more people and to hangout or maybe explore other interesting cities in Msia together. PING me if interested :)


hi guys

im always looking to meet new people as all i seem to do is work here, if anyone is intrested in catching up for a coffee over the weekend, id love to hear form you


Msfizz,Z4frie,Eugene_1735,Yender> I'm really sorry I haven`t checked it for a while~

guys,I guess I should organize a meeting as everyone is interested in meeting new friends!Is anyone available on June 1st friday night?

yes it would be nice,,

Hi Cheekiee. I think I can make myself available. Thank you for making the initiative. We hereby appoint you the official coordinator.... ha ha ha. Cheers!

Hi Hi care to meet up with me and Masa when she comes back to Malaysia from japan ;)

Not that I'm expat, but am curious as to whether are there any official meetup / events page for this forum's members?

I attended an event like that long time ago - and it was good, bout 20+ people (weekly too). too bad its name's escaped me.

I am still thinking how come you newer able to meet interesting ex pats?
What's your definition of interesting ex-pats?
Local people are interesting ?
I have a private jet/helicopter and Ferrari still can not meet people because I am busy with my toys & no time for others.
So I am looking for someone who has a rocket to visit the moon.

you could always borrow my rocket,,

ninelives1980> hi,I don't know wether they have official meet up,and I've been looking for it, but seems there are no meeting coming up so I think we can create one!

I've been seaching which cafe/restaurant is good for our meeting and have not occured good one.It preferably

1 halal
2 cash on  delivery (because some people might be late as it is friday night)
3 good access by public transport

Does anyone have any recommend?

Cheeekie>To help you.....

1.Most food outlet in Malaysia is Halal unless otherwise specified.

2.If you dont know yet, in Malaysia we rarely 'go Dutch' except for youngster. In Malaysia we fight to pay the bill! Anyway 'cash on delivery' will give you very limited option, unless you plan to go to food courts or garden. So I suggest we collectively pay the amount that each of us ordered.

3.KLCC and KL Sentral are the most easily connected by public transport. But then in KLCC nowhow would have a problem parking his Ferrari

I suggest we go to Delicious @Bangsar Village or La Bodega @ Bangsar Shopping Centre. Both are popular among expats and all taxi drivers can bring you there. The nearest LRT (Tube) is Bangsar.

Eugene, you free on that date?

Z out>>>

Z4frie> thank you for the quick reply and nice advice!!I laughed Ferrari Actually I was thinking one restaurant in imbi called "LeVain" because it is half cash on delivery style and pretty nice food.However I'm afraid some people find it difficult to find the place.

There is only 5days till friday so I think I should pick one of Z4frie's reccomend !!

:::::::::Expat meeting:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Place♥Delicious @Bangsar VillageⅡ

Time♥ June 1st(Friday) at 8PM

please check out the website♥you can also check the menu

(Moderated: No free ad on the forum please. You can register it in the Business directory)

2, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

I will book the seats on Tuesday(at latest Wednesday)so please leave the comment here that you are joining!I appriciate some people gave me massages for the participation,but it would be nice if everyone can see what kind of people are joining so please leave the comment in this forum,thanks!!

if you have any question,don't hesitate to ask:)

i'm in
any cell phone of anyone to call in case we can't find you/ anyone who's hosting?


Sam>thank you for the comment.I'll send my contact number individually.:)

I would say going Dutch is actually very common in Malaysia now with some young people in large groups. The old ways are dying. Certainly in expat meetips best people pay as they order as otherwise an organizer ends up with. 100 rm bill! For any new meetup always use pas as eat unless iras organized event where people pay a fixed amount and upfront or deposit. You see that on various events anyway from the expat mingle to to couchsurfing meetups.

Nemodot> I understand.I think we just split the bill after meal this time.If It becomes more than ten people,maybe I should think about another way.:)

Are you coming?

Too much KL here. Anyone from Penang out there? Let me know, I'll be there in about 2 months. Would be nice to start off with some friends.


Hi Guys!

Unfortunately i will be out of the country Friday until Monday next week.. Too bad! I really would love to join and meet you guys. When will be the next meet-up? Please keep me in the loop.

Have fun!


springbringer wrote:

Too much KL here. Anyone from Penang out there? Let me know, I'll be there in about 2 months. Would be nice to start off with some friends.


Hi expat community small in Penang although there are expats. Try couschurfing for networking nice small group on that. Nightlife is expensive and a bit poor though in Penang.

Are you a teacher btw? Lots of expat teachers in Penang

Agnes>Too bad you cannot come this have fun in overseas too!Thank you for the msg and let`s keep in touch;)

Puru>thanks for your comment.
sure I counted you in the group :)

Hi,im Indonesian,would like know more people from Indo too ^^

Hi Johan,

It's nice to meet you. Where from Indonesia are you from? I travel quite often to Jakarta. Where are you based?

Im frm a state in SUmatra island,currently living in KL.

One girl looking for a friend and 50 available already.

How nice is this?
The sweetness is killing me.

Hi Cheekie.., Good initiative, I appreciate it.

I am new to I wish I could have come to know about this blog early.  I would like to meet-up all of you, but I have office till 10pm on friday. I miss the opportunity to meet all of you guys.. Thanks all of you for being Expat members.

Special Thanks to Christina & Cheekie :)

Hope we will have another meeting sometime during weekends..

-- Suresh

sorry cant make it, will meet u all another time, tq

Count me in. I might be a little late though. Cant wait to meet you guys.

suresh> you are welcome and maybe we will see you next time :)
dingdongMr19> sure! see you next time!
Azean> great!!looking forwad to chatting with you ;)

Hi all,

I made penang as my home and I travel back to Penang weekly from Petaling Jaya. Penang is a great place for food & beaches.
I usually drive alone back to Penang and would like to have some passengers as it gets boring to drive for straight 3 hours.
Do ping me on BBM: 26089BA5 or text me on my mobile: 019-4500168.

hello guys, let hang out together..