why I feel so bored living in Malaysia?

no friends, no job and do nothing! 4 months after my marriage with my Malaysian Husband, i realized that i feel so bored. anyone can suggest me to do something ? to join in what community that make me feel ok staying here ? please help... thanks, shanti

Hello shanti muzaffar.

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Maybe you could tell us more about yourself.

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you like angling? give me a buzz

You are bored only after 4 months,I am getting bored for the last 2 years.My husband is also Malaysian.I used to work in India.I thought of taking 1 year break after marriage and get back to work or doing something productive.Now I am facing so many problems in getting a job in my area.Even there is no NGO nearby for me to work.Everything depends  on the area u r staying.IF you are staying in the main urban area, I think there r opportunities for foreigners.Join any fitness centre where u can meet people,interact with them,expand   your connections.Learn Malay and if u don't know driving then learn it..tk care

       There many things you can do.You willing do free service join stroke assciation or befrienders .There lot you do.drop me your interest then try suggest something.
Mail me at [email protected]

In Petaling jaya also too


Hello Shanti! I really suggest you to attend to local events and gatherings. You can get updated with upcoming events from websites like TimeKL etc. and attend to the events. This way, you can befriend many people and make connections! It's a very useful alternative, but don't worry; you were only here for 4 months. I'm sure you will get over the boredom soon! Best wishes, take care :)

Hi shanti am honey here am 26 years old am from india now day am in malaysia for working in euro plastic company as supervisor if you feel like boring then talk to me then i know you feel okay if like then call me in my number +60107906008 n this is my mail id [email protected] thanks n plz plz msg me am waiting

If anyone reads profiles you realise she is married! The pic does attract male followers :)

I don.t know is your feeling how to i say i don.t know what in your mind y your feel boring i think better reply you say

Hello -> Just to note that Expat.com is NOT a dating website.

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If you feel boring then call me in my number n mail me +60107906008 [email protected]

hahahahhahaha.... Nemo, that's why you did not put/upload a profile pic so ladies can't follow you...;):D

Okay  wait i put

Faiqa wrote:

hahahahhahaha.... Nemo, that's why you did not put/upload a profile pic so ladies can't follow you...;):D

Well Faiqa actually so true being the handome white expat means I have a number dispenser "now calling 2209" for a date and past expeience in Malaysia on another forum was got hit on a lot!

But not as bad as online. When I was on ICQ ten years ago EVERYNIGHT 5 girls from penang would chat to me and ask almost same questions. where do you live? What work do you do? What car do you drive? Basically the 5 Cs to assess my networth. And must be lots of bored lonely girls in Penang! prob explains why so many in KL.

So to avoid my inbox being full of suggestive comments young ladies of this forum need to see me in person lol

And as admin rightly points out this isn't a dating forum. but not as bad as couchsurfing. That is a meat market half the time lol but youngsters will be youngsters ;) And i am one of those men that prefer lady friends as I have a sensitive side (stop laughing!)

Ohhh!!!! wait let me find the ROFLOL emoticon for your comment


:D Nemo now I'm sure you made everyone here CURIOUS!!!:o

Curiosity killed the cat.

By laughing obviously :P

Now okay i put my profile pic alredy

man this post is hilarious.... there is this lonely girl called shanti, and then a guy who is so crazy that he is not realizing what others are commenting on.. "ok i put my profile pic now" and then nemot "(hey bro wussup we had a few lines on maldives forum loong time back) slowly killing the curious kat LOL

Ftw :p

just saw this thread. laughed my *** off.

how can any woman take a guy with a name like "honey" seriously :-)

shanti is pretty, married and wants to find something that keeps her busy.

i have no idea how honey constructed those sentences (killer english)

so many sensible people on this blog trying to get a job and this guy is a supervisor??? sad!

also sad to say he's a fellow indian

my hindi is terrible but lemme try. honey bhaisaab, shanti ki shaadi ho gayi hai. kl mein bahut saari ladkiyan hai. aish kar aur good luck!

join a fitness club and enjoy healthy lifestyle and make some fit friend : )

Same here...

I am bored not because there's nothing to do
I have joined fitness club
Go to the gym, meet new people outside, swimming
But I still find it boring..
Going to the malls... Museum..
Perhaps I'm looking for female  friends that want to stay indoors and do some activities..
Rather than go out partying

Hi Mayumi...you should elobrate more what kind of indoor activities you looking for...i suggest you girls do some cookings and invite guys to taste the foods...that will be awesome.

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Hi all,

Seems all of you looking for friends.. what if I invite you for session of meditation? A free session. We all can have a meeting & sharing session & find more friends . if anyone wants to join me, just get prepare for Monday & Thursday evening  & send me a watsapp message to get the details on ***

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