Anyone knows a good camera store, buying DSLR.

Just new here in RIyadh and I'm planning to buy my camera, well d90 is my choice. I cant find any stores except Batha. Is there any other choice for me?

Quomra pro

the only two places i know are Alharthi store and cam4sale and i heard they have reasonable prices. i usually never buy electronics from Saudi especially the expensive ones because it's way over-priced here. amazon offers a lot of electronics that can be shipped internationally and way cheaper than here.

Too bad that doesnt apply to cameras.  Its cheaper to buy here than usa has a good reputation in Saudi Arabia. I bought my canon 6d from them.
However you will not probably find the d90 there since it is an older body.

Carrefour has a small sale on electricals with the Canon EOS 1100D on offer.

Alharthi is located where?


Now Lulu has a sale on, until February 11th. It has Nikon's D5100, D7000 and D7100 on offer.

check akaria mall ( Akaria Mall/@24.7038877,46.6808146,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x421c2e4794975af3). There is a section where you can find cameras (DSLR, Bags, Tripod, etc). Just ask the security guard for the direction.

try extra and jarir they have some dslr models.

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