Plans for Christmas/New YearŽs Eve?

Hello everyone!!
I am in Mendoza and currently have no plans for Christmas/New YearŽs Eve, so I was thinking of maybe going out to dinner on those nights, since I will be alone (friends and family will be away these upcoming couple of weeks and IŽll be staying in the city).
Any suggestions? If you donŽt have plans either, feel more than welcome to join me and we can celebrate together, this is the first time ever that IŽve been kind of "left hanging" on the holidays and I really wouldnŽt like to be alone on such special evenings, so IŽm open for suggestions, obviously!!

In case anyoneŽs in town for new yearŽs eve to hang out for dinner or the day after, my cell phone numberŽs 2616219466, so feel entirely free to drop me a line!!