Getting married in Argentina

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Updated 2018-07-12 14:18

Argentina is one of the top destinations in Latin America to get married in and, with a recent change in the law, non-residents can now legally marry there. It is one of the only South American countries where this is possible, so many tourists and expats from across the globe choose to host their weddings in Argentina. The formalities of getting married in Argentina are (thankfully) quite simple. Read on to find out more.

Getting married in Argentina

You do not need a specific visa to get married in Argentina, however, you must be present in the country with the correct immigration status, which in some cases will require you to have a separate visa. For more information, see our articles on visas for Argentina.

Firstly, to get married in Argentina, you must apply for a certificate of legal capacity to marry from your country's consulate or embassy in Argentina. You will obtain this document after the publication of banns of marriage, an essential step that takes place before the marriage in order to ensure that it is both legal and valid, without any opposition. Once you have this, you must submit your application along with the following documents:

  • A copy of your birth certificate, as well as that of your future spouse
  • A photocopy of your ID card and proof of your nationality
  • Your divorce certificate (if applicable)
  • Your deceased spouse's death certificate (if applicable)

The banns will be published at your country's embassy or consulate in Argentina, as well as in your home city, over a ten-day period. Once this step is completed, you will obtain a certificate of legal capacity to marry, which will be used as the transcript of your wedding certificate. As well as this, you'll get a booklet on marriage and family.

Each province in Argentina has its own Civil Registry Office and the process of arranging a civil marriage depends on the different regulations of each province, so contact the one in the region you're planning to get married in. You can find a more complete list of Civil Registry Offices in Argentina on their website. You will also need to submit a copy of your birth certificate to the officiant.

After scheduling the date for your marriage, couples will need to make a blood test at a public hospital, or at certain designated private hospitals, up to one week before the date you intend to marry. This test is carried out in order to screen each partner for venereal diseases and, if the results prove positive for either one, the marriage will not be permitted to go ahead.

Finally, it is essential that you comply with Argentina's legal matrimonial regime, a system which dictates how assets acquired by a married couple are owned and managed, and how they should be distributed if the couple divorces or if one person passes away.

Same-sex marriage in Argentina

Same-sex marriage, which was authorised in Argentina 2010, grants the same rights as heterosexual couples to both spouses, who can also adopt children. However, you should know that a civil marriage performed in Argentina for same-sex couples is not necessarily recognised and valid in all other countries.

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