Looking for Argentinians!


bruno3 wrote:

Hello, I'm a brazilian that have many interests in Argentina, especially an interest in a future immigration.

I'm looking for new contacts from Argentina to make friendship and practice my spanish.

I can teach portuguese and brazilian culture too! :D

Thank you.

Hey :)
My name is Maurice and I live In Buenos Aires.
Im looking for a friends because I love meet new people and new culurtes..
I had a  bad experience with a women from Paris (racist.) but I no problem..

add me..
FAcebook: Mauricio nicolas garofalo cruz
skype :  mauricio.cruz73

Hi bruno3,

You can post an advert in the Language classes in Argentina section please as it might be helpful :)

Hope you get in touch with our members and makes a lot of friends :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team