Would love to know if there's a strong Irish community in Argentina

Hi all,
There doesn't seem to have been much activity on this in a while but sure, I'll let everyone know who I am anyway!

My name is Orla and I'm about to make a move from Ireland to South America with my boyfriend and our first port of call Argentina in March. We are waiting on working holiday visas at the moment but are both trained architects in our late 20s and looking for some new experiences.

Would love to know if there's a strong Irish community in Argentina at all, and what our prospects might be as architects/designers/creatives looking for work in Argentina. I've travelled to Buenos Aires and Rosario before and both struck me as interesting places, architecturally and culturally so we are hoping to find our feet in some way!

Looking forward to picking up some more info on this site - feel free to say hello if you have any insights that could help us out! :)


I've been living in Cordoba for the last 4 years and I know that there are a few Irish pubs in the area. There is one Irish cook who opened up his own restaurant. I do know of one other Irish expat who lives in Carlos Paz. I'm not really sure how big the Irish community is in this province but I would probably recommend B.A. simply because it has a lot more diversity and plenty of business opportunities as opposed to all the other provinces. Cordoba is (in my experience) one of the worst for business opportunities unfortunately.

Best of luck to you!

Even if you speak perfect Spanish, I think that your chances in getting jobs as architects in Buenos Aires would be almost impossible. Even if you were able a secure jobs, you would be paid in Arg pesos  at salaries that would be almost impossible to live on. For every job there are probably 100 qualified local architects in competition.

Unless you speak perfect Spanish, getting jobs in any Latin American country would be impossible.

I have lived in Buenos Aires for almost 13 years and can't recall ever meeting a person from Ireland. Just because a town has Irish pubs diesn't mean that they have Irish patrons.