How to get work permit in Johannesburg


Im from morocco with fluent level in french,i want to live in johannesburg..
I have experience in many call centers and also in bancking i have master in business administration from lille university ..  i can get tourist visa but i need ur advices plz:

can i live with 600 EUR in safe place bfr finding job?
can i find a job there with my profil?
how to get permit work if all offers need applicants with permit work visa!
thanks a lot & good luck everybody:)

Hi yousra french,

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A new topic has been created on the Johannesburg forum for more information and interaction.

I suggest you to read the article Immigration to South Africa, this might help you get more information.

Posting an advert with your CV in the Call centers jobs Johannesburg section help in your job search.

Reading the topic Decent salary to live in Johannesburg can surely bring you some more hint about the cost of living. Thank you! :)



Expat-blog team.

Yea you can and bear in mind jobs opportunity here is by luck

How can you accept 600 euro per month in South Africa while the can pay you like $2000 plus per month in Nigeria with free accommodation as a expatriate.......Can u work in Hospitality industry, Construction company or Telecom company as a Manager, Accountant or Financial controller?........if yes send me your C.V to wish you best in life.

You can apply for Nigeria job online and you can live start your life in Nigeria with 600 euro and get a job that worth $4000 per all depend on your negotiation with the company but what i know is that Nigeria companies use to pay good salary to there expatriate staffs with good bonus and free accommodation.