How r u everybody , thank u for helping me to know more information about living in south africa , i'd like to know how can i establish my own business there and i haven't alot of money by the way but would be great if you could tell me how much i'd need to start small business there .
best regards and thank u so much

Hi Hany abdelfattah,

Can you tell us more about the type of business you want to establish there, and if you have any idea about where you want to establish it. This might help in order to guide you in the right way.

All the best :)


Thanks david for replaying ,
i'd like to be in joburg , i'd like to open a shop selling perfumes , accessories etc ..
thnx again .

Hi Hany.Your best bet would be to come and see for yourself.There are many places in johannesburg where you can start a business and costs will depend on a few factors,how big a business you want and the area(be it in a mall or plaza).My email is sarira123@yahoo.com should you need more assistance

Thnx anwar so much . i will email u for more details