Have an option to work in Joburg. Need some help w.r.t. work permit

Hi, just joined the forum and my 1st topic :)

I am considering an option to take up a job in Joburg. I would be employed by an India based company and sent to SA. I would request if anyone has info on how long does it take to get a work permit in such cases. My case will be a company transfer.

Also, I have a daughter who is 9 years old and studying in Class 4. What grade will she be absorbed in the S. African schools? Is there a restriction on when you can join a school because her being there is dependent on me getting the work permit.

Would really appreciate someone's help on this.


Hi and welcome to the forum doc73!

Maybe this article could help: https://www.expat.com/en/guide/africa/s … rmits.html


I want to check if you are all ready in South Africa?

Look here :)http://www.southafrica.info/travel/docu … XZxDspGgdQ

For you to work in Johannesburg you needs: 1. work permit,2. status of refugees, Asylum seekers.but if you don't have the 2 option, you need the work permit.and if you apply it takes 3 Months or less.and if you get the job the employ is the one who will help you to get it. you don't have to stress yourself about it.